Investment In Life (part one)

Yes a golden oldie post. Discussing how we invest unknowingly into life contributions, interactions between us and others which buy us grief. In this case a cautionary tale, wisdom, involving self orientation. Put your breaks into effect (work).Perspicacity.


It is time I spoke to you about this, though I have mentioned it briefly in some other posts.

Be wary of “Investment”.

I will elaborate;

One time during a early morn fire up, incentive meeting at a very poorly run sales job, talk was ongoing about a “hook”, how to get the potential client’s interest in our product. How to know if we are gaining a foothold for the sale.

Point was that, we could be wasting our time, talking to a corpse and not discern when to stop, kiss the transaction good bye.

Well, due to the fact that I had engaged for many years in the pursuit of understanding human inclinations (loved Psychology), I put something into the conversational subject.

My contribution was something like this; “When the client has invested something of themselves into the conversation.”

I was targeting a person who would take part in the…

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