Filthy pits and prison cells…

More from the amazing life of this woman who was much oppressed.

Shattered in Him

There was a time in my life when my attitude was putrid and rotten. When living under a cloud of depression and remaining a prisoner to the fear and anxiety related to post-traumatic stress, it was hard for me to perceive any sense of the light. I saw everything through a dirty, old filter and it governed much of my thoughts and attitudes. Because of that, it was next to impossible for me to walk in an attitude of thankfulness and love. Without even realizing the emotional and spiritual damage of those attitudes, I was bearing an awful lot of dead, rotting fruit.

I have experienced a lifetime of dissociation and hyper-vigilance. My husband has had to walk carefully at times, because my startle reflex has been so intense that the slightest movement could send me clinging to the ceiling in a state of fright. I cannot count how many…

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