Penultimate Solution For Insanity

We’re Not Dumb……
Who are we, who do we think we are? And are we hiding? Yes of course we are!
Hiding from whom, from what?
It appears to be ironic, and a mystery as to who we hide from or what we hide from, yes…….
But appearances can be deceiving.
Yes they can!
I’m not trying to scare you no. In fact, you’re so tough that you might have already stopped reading this or quickly have made up your mind to do so.
But listen……..
This not knowing who we are brings about two things which comprise a Duality, a duplicity, a game, a lie and illusion which become a delusion.
It is that Duality which composed of opposites, which is the primary cause of Conflict. This supplies the Analyst with a income, the Doctors with a living, the Pharmaceuticals with a Empire.
Conflict in the mind produces illness.
In fact if you wish to reduce your difficulties with Conflict, or eliminate it, or just be on the road to healing from it, you need to know self.
Learn who you really are!
What you have now is the Myth of Self you have created from childhood up.
I’ve done the same. Been there. Contending with it.
Can you imagine, and We See Our Self As Sane.
We are a Duality, Divided, a Division from the get go, floor up.
Always, continually propping up a symbol, a image, a lie, a role play dependent on the external balance; IE Our Value is validated by our relationship with others (our interplay).
It’s a play.
An insane person propagating illness, fragility, imbalance.
Shakespeare’s poor player (actor).
The whole world’s role is an illusion, we’re insane and struggling with self, even the Analyst is deluded, enlisted to portray a role among us.
A  mere supplementation. A pawn.
So this begs the question; Who do I think I am?
Who the whigsom igsome do I think I am?
You will see……..
My projected identity, and your projected identity are similar!
We are the same.
The Void.
Yes the Void within is “Self” the Self we run out into life seeking, funny ha ha……
We are, spend all of life, existence, being had. Played. Hahahahaha
Played by the Primordial Void within.
Look how played we are; The Buddhist spends time meditating to attain the Void, become one with it. Don’t ask how I came upon this stuff. His Spirit within me taught me these things.Caused me to seek out info on these subjects.
They have a thing called an “Existential Crisis” which they encounter when practicing meditation, an event which causes many to stop the practice for fear of losing their mind. Children playing with fire, as we all are in our going about serving the Adamic Void within.
Being of one mind with God’s Spirit brought me to these truths.
Friedrich Nietzsche, the revered Philosopher lost his mind at the end of his days. He said that God is dead. Yup, it was he that said that famed and revered phrase.
The Void within, which is the source for our drive, dumps us in the end. Lonely, to die a lonely death.
It doesn’t have to be like that.
Get it together, na na na na na na, get it together, na na na na na na…….(James Brown).
You are the Void! You are the product of the Void. The Void is self. This is why you love and hate one another (Family’s way), conflicted. All of life is one big Conflict.
One revered duality.
This is why the Analyst gets paid. And the Analyst sometimes, and the Philosopher sometimes lose their mind. In fact coming close to losing the mind is why many become Analysts.
Our Soul bringing us to the edge is why the Soldier experiences PTSD. Because we are used by the Void and discarded even in the end. We are forced by “life”, which isn’t, but is a Void created illusion in quest of Void Value, which Value always equals Zero Value. We are duped.
This information can set you free.
In fact this is the Gospel.
“I came that ye might have Life, and that ye might have it more abundantly.” Making a little bit of sense now, huh…….?
The composition of the Story of Jesus Dying upon the Cross for us.
A new way (this) of saying the same thing the guy you heard in the street telling you about Jesus.
His Spirit surrendered upon the Cross of Calvary is it which can fill you, according to your Faith, acceptance, Trust.
Adam, the first man, our father, was a Voided Being, due to disobedience. We are all born without the Life of God. Jesus came to Die for us that we might regain that Life. We who are Voided. The Void within is Self. True Self, Voided and Dead.
Man’s accolades, his lavished upon you credentials are hooey. Hooey. They recognize the Void.
Earthly credentials, even weighs and measures (the dollar), assessments, are things which are all Void Spawned creations to give us value, a mere attempt to substitute for the absence of the Life of God, a thing, True Value, which is given to us freely at the Cross. Accept it freely. Christ was obedient unto the death of the Cross, discounting our weighs and measures, which Satan tempted Him with that He would not make it to the Cross for us.
Get it together.

Thanks for the visit, I can be reached at or on Face Book as Miguel Angel Oquendo (“Mickey” of Huachuca City, Az.)

Also these very reliable men might be near your area; Reverend Angel L. Oquendo (my Brother) at MinisterioAPG (Pembroke Pines Florida) on face book (Spanish and English), or Reverend Bob Schembre on face book also (Missouri


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