His Hand, Though Weighty…

From the Vaults of the history of this blog. I hope you enjoy the time travel.
Crazy interesting post.
All about God’s hand, heavy at times, yet heavy for our sake. Take it like the dirt, the dust we return to in death.
And why? Because the body appears to describe the illusion, the temporal, our putting stock in a thing which will not be present at the judgement before our “we”, our “us”.
Too much noted already, read now…..


Listen, admit right now, for your own good.

There are some gains we are in possession of, at present, Spiritual Powerful gains accrued in our lives which would not have been possible to attain, had circumstances not been enhanced by the weight of His Hand.

It could be a illness we have, it could be a handicap, it could be a weakness, and very likely it is something we have been ashamed of.

Thus is the weight of His Hand.

Were it left up to us we might have chosen the opposite of circumstances.

But that would have been to discard this treasure we now possess. This Character He has taken the time to forge.

“Do you know what I like about Mike?” He said. This was one of my antagonists at work. He felt me a threat, because the owner of the stores loved me.

It was a surprise…

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