What (in part) Life Is About

Once again we return to the Vault. An Old Post. But bear in mind that we have things backward. We strive for love, utopia, peace but all the things cannot be achieved if we don’t begin from within. If we are flawed innately then we must begin with acknowledgement, that we may arrive at those things. Paradoxically we must confront the Night in order to venture into the Day, otherwise we are pawns, being had by self.


Life mostly is about the Void within being mirrored.

It is like a inevitability. Like a fatalistic truth. I know most people shun from this truth. It does not mean that they are lesser than one who rubs noses with this truth, uh uh not at all. We are all the same. Differences are just preferences and dispositional.

Perspectives are different for all and based on our programming. We’re not superior one to another, we would like to think this. This is one of the hardest things to see clearly in life. I know, been there, done that.

The Void is the cavity we all enter life with. It is the place the Spirit of God did inhabit before the Fall of man.

We had that Spirit that we should be outfitted to stay with and fellowship with our Creator.

In Adam we forfeited it.

No, it is not a…

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