I Was Grandpa

This also is a reblogging. Perhaps a too, too recently reblogged post. I’m not sure why I reblog this over and over. I do think in part that it was a moment in time I love revisiting, perhaps preferentially redesigning it in my mind. Sorry if you have recently been subjected to this telling. Don’t read it if you wish for some other unread item. Some of you know I’m away from my blog due to a project I had been attending to. Had been because I have recently been neglecting it due to some other matter. Besides that matter I have also interjected what should have been a resolute determination with the reprisal of having submitted a brand new post here and there (wrong of me). Well enjoy this little gem of my heart. Thank you.

I remember…..

I was Grandpa.
I woke up on a mat on the floor in the living room appertaining to Opal Respeto, my daughter.
On this occasion like some others, this was a pit stop for me.
The traveler.
I had picked up this habit after my Marriage broke up. I didn’t know it at the time, but I would be traveling far for quite a while, especially in my mental development.
But on this morning, as I lay there facing the wall I was Grandpa.
The following is why;
On this morning I was to leave for New Jersey and a new life.
The kids didn’t know when next we would meet.
Tati, Nique and Mimi were up. With that air, beautiful air that little kids have when soon after awakening. You know what I mean. A lovely picture of tousled hair, rosy cheeks and puffy eyes that belong shut, but somehow are now opened. A little bit of awkwardness is evident, because the little body has not agreed with the brain that they will remain awake.
Ages ranged; 4, 8 and 10.
Nique was speaking in a normal voice that could be heard.

“Grandpa is leaving today” (Nique).
“Be quiet so that you don’t wake him up. If he wakes up he’ll leave sooner.”
They crept around very quietly and whispered to one another.
As I lay there facing the wall, tears streamed on my pillow.
I was Grandpa.

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2 thoughts on “I Was Grandpa

    1. A blessed life. Those kids looked up to me. Special only in the light of their recognizance, and of course in the eyes of the one who gave His life for me. Thank you, and affected that you enjoyed it.

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