” Two Tales of Alum “

You are about to read about the remarkable Alum. Let these two small episodes of his life speak to you. He loved the Lord as you will see. Thanks for showing up to read.


I’d like to tell you two stories about a dearly departed brother in the Lord. He was an amazing little guy, as you will no doubt acknowledge.

When I first met Alum, I had just got in behind the counter at American Hero, in East New York, Brooklyn. Another day of work. I was asked by the owner to please pay attention to him, and teach him the salad bar (dressing the sandwich, and wrapping.) He was this little Pakistani ( 4 ft. 10 ” ?). Of course we shook hands, introductions, etc..

I gave him a very patient lesson on how to dress the sandwiches, and wrap them, and address the customers, and to relate to the cashier any extras. He tried to duplicate what I had taught with little success, so I was urged to repeat the lessons. He kept doing poorly, and I saw he was nervous…

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