Good day. Here again is another old post from the Vaults of andnowmiguel. I hope you will find this helpful. It is designed to provoke thought. I share within it a weakness which I encountered and overcame. The importance of moseying up to a subject, the impending test, contest, of obtaining a sense of knowing, of familiarity with it. You might upon reading this, find that you are inspired to share a memory, write a post (do it by all means), the Spirit of God works like that, embrace it……


“I have not proved them.”
So said a young David when Saul offered him accoutrements of war which Saul himself had as likely experienced some good repute with.
To every individual it shall be on an experiential level what they discard or keep in the battle of life to implement, go forth.
There is a correlation between the comfort and security one is enhanced with when considering what one will tote into the fight.
As a young man when faced with a situation which would demand a physical response I tended to prepare myself beforehand. In all those cases I fared well because of preparation.
Boxers and MMA folks tend to watch videos of upcoming opponents.
It is expedient to create a sense of comfort and security when facing a trying situation. The task of dispelling the obvious anxiety.
Yes of course you have the superstitious which do the same…

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