Curious How…..

Hello again. Here’s a well received old post. It is a good lesson on Duality and adversity in our lives. A simple and well illustrated in steps, breakdown. At its end you say “So….uh huh…well….Ummm???? And if you don’t, then mail in for a refund, then wait for it while holding your breath underwater.


The “Duality Coin” works.

A coin made up of counterparts. Seemingly like the representation of a opposite, and a negative.

The Duality Coin (I will illustrate).

A great example of it is; How we respond to Negative things. How intimidation is pronounced through our being at a time of panic, the desertion of our certainty and calm.

Peter walking upon the water.

There is the little child in us, who loves novelty and curiosity. It should be noted that, though fickle, it is this feature in our breast which is summoned forth of God in the battle for our faith.

Tell you a secret….

Hush, listen….

It is that very ridiculous, fickle child, for which the battle field was designed. Only that child has the will to lose it all, or win it all.


It is that child which we strive to suppress, and thereby would have to, perhaps one day, go…

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