My Time With Poetry

After I wrote this, as time progressed, from having read various poetic pieces on wordpress, I went back and to my surprise, I wrote some new poetry. I had thought I was done with poetry, but no. I believe I wrote at least 2 or 3 more pieces. The most beautiful love songs which I have experienced, succeed in my estimation because the reciter demonstrates the writer, in some point of the poetry to be acting like a child, thinking illogically, without help, recourse, clearly expressing his inconsolability. Yes a grown person being unreasonable.
Javier Solis recited some of the best portrayal of this in the songs he sang. Listen to this; “No one, comprehends what I suffer. Alone trembling from anxiety am I. All others take one look and depart from me. Woman, if you with God could speak, ask of Him if I at any time, left off adoring you.”
End of quote. A Mexican wrote that. And the unreasonable part is surely attempting to speak or portray God working in the manner described. That is the main weight of the song to this woman who has left. Perfidia (Perfidy, betrayal) is the name of the song, so renown that there is an English version of it. Now read of Miguel’s (3rd person???) experience below. Thanks. Enjoy (I hope).


I’ve written, what I’ve considered to be some decent poetry (see; Miguel’s Love Poem {post}). Most of them are lost to time.

I left, one time, a beautiful leather satchel packed with poems on my way home from, a after work, drunk bar hopping drinking spree, in a NYC Taxi. Never saw it (bag) or the poems again.

I haven’t the patience any more to write poetry.

But I was just reading something about romance and breaking up, and was reminded of one of those poems. One which my brother Manny liked. Manny is a hard case (not as hard as I, though he would like to think so).

The poem was about my pain, following a break up. It was entitled; “Please don’t talk to me.”

Of course that line was always followed by a resounding; “Can’t you see, can’t you see..”

The gist was that, should I make…

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