The Human Conscience

Thank you for being here. Here is a old post from a year ago. It is incomplete, because often I have had to talk on extensive subjects which I’ve been forced to attempt to make them look isolated. But perhaps it will put some seed in your heart and show up some time later, concluding the objectives. Enjoy.


Yes, the human conscience.

So diverse.

So (at this stage), due to man’s “evolution”, tolerant, impartial, and nonjudgmental. So sophisticated, enhanced and unassailable (it is floating upwards as I write these words, I try to grab it but, alas, it is beyond my reach.).

Know first off, that it is to be distinguished from the God Conscience. The Holy Spirit, Life of God given to the Child of God,  connects us, makes accessible to us; God Consciousness.

We were a duality before the Holy Spirit came to live within. IE a soul/body individual. This was a different domain. It was circularly enacted between the body, the soul.

If the body had a need, the soul which houses the mind/will/and emotions, would then work on a plan, perhaps, for obtaining it, the will making the fueling yes or no.

But the human conscience, the most important thing we must attempt to grasp…

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