Yeah, Blame God

Yeah, it’s God’s fault.

He was no where around when the bad thing happened to me. Why, face it, huh! He allowed it. He did nothing about it. Did not lift so much as a finger to help me, right!

So don’t talk to me about God. Ha, who is God? Ha.

But yes, I’m all embracing, I keep an open mind (Oh yes, I take pride in being smarter than the average bear….trudat, huh!). I’ve processed the idea of God. I’m unconvinced, after all can He be seen? Has he proven His existence beyond your (yes you who talk about him) choice, your preference to believe in Him. Your chosen lifestyle. Yes, that’s all it is about; your chosen lifestyle in the hopes that He will do for you, provide for you. No, I’ll wait til I have proof; then I will believe. 

But til then my wits is my God. My keen brain which sees and measures the little person, yes even the one who practices a religion of inactivity. Inertia. Ha.

I’m half of a generic coin. One half says; You will never convince me of this ridiculous (religulous) pastime, nonsense. And the other half of that coin says; I am above being intolerant, I am beneficent. I don’t believe; Yet, I’m Open minded. Graduated, not as grossly ignorant as my fellow, huh? Unwilling, “unscientific” lacking wisdom (my fellow).

Well thank you guys. Thank you for your opinions as to the existence of God. And foolishly, blindly, ignorantly I  (the nominal Christian) favor the one who claims to be open minded (ha), ignorantly I spend more time upon this one; The open minded one who just needs more time, requiring the intervention (let Him show Himself, some how, a sign….) of this so called, proposed God.

Is this noble? We conclude that it is (erroneously). 

Well then…..

What shall occur. What shall it then be? What shall be said, what is the truth regarding this matter?

Perhaps it has been overlooked that these two are one and the same. And this is not an assumption. This conclusion can be drawn from their preoccupation with self. Seeking a dual prominence in reference to God. Set humankind up as the last word, the authority in deciding the existence or relevance of God. 

God is somewhere laughing at this. In fact the Tower of Babel was destroyed, in the hopes that its destruction would give man a little more time to come to his senses. Humility in its true configuration might be introduced into man’s items of negotiating common sense.

Stop, stop it already. Don’t you see….

If God does exist, you will never see Him without first seeing that His seeming absence in whatever tragedy befell you was not an absence.

Ever heard the words; “He allowed it”. Take that strength you brag about, that independence you appear to flaunt, and let that be a gift to God.

Because if you don’t…….

 Your wonderful genius self is being played by the very circumstances you think prove that God does not exist. 

In revenge also, against the humans whom you also blame, even by your superior portrayal; “More qualified”, you again are being played by the circumstances, the event. Oh yes, there is healing available, oh yes. But not for reactionaries. You are not as smart as you think you are. You are a pawn. Grow up.

Assume a adult posture.

That’s precisely what all the “simple” and accepting ones are doing. And oh yes, do not trust that they will be perfect. Oh that would be silly. They will not  be perfect, for their perfection is being held on reserve awaiting them. Their reward you might say, their strength even. 

Bitterness will poison you.

The greatest and most power rendering secret (seeming secret) held within our center is that it was due to our imperfection that intervention took place. The Perfect one, Very God Himself took human form as a precedence. 

In essence; Providence. I (Jesus Christ) will provide what ye are unable to provide (do for yourselves). I will crucify by choice this human body, yes, all its urges, its promises, for your sake. 

Having done so, it is that you can approach God. Separated were you once upon a time, but now all that has changed. Approach. Yes come forth and take your place. “I have paid the life you owed in your failing father Adam.” It is finished, done upon the Cross of Calvary. All you need is faith, believe and you will see God, filled with His Love, His Grace.

Your trials, events, darkness which threatens to envelope you on a moment to moment basis, please, employ your circumstances correctly. Simply they are meant to bring you to God, to Faith, to acceptance. 

Have a merry Christmas, or if you prefer; Happy Holiday. Sincerely; MAO.

Thanks for the visit, I can be reached at or on Face Book as Miguel Angel Oquendo (“Mickey” of Huachuca City, Az.)

Also these very reliable men might be near your area; Reverend Angel L. Oquendo (my Brother) at MinisterioAPG (Pembroke Pines Florida) on face book (Spanish and English), or Reverend Bob Schembre on face book also (Missouri


12 thoughts on “Yeah, Blame God

  1. Great one. Like you said, I find it hard to believe when things go terribly wrong. But I’m trying to build my trust in Him day by day. I have good days and bad ones when I’m angry at Him. But I know that everything will work out for the best in the end.

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