Holiday Cheer; Filling And Not Fulfilling

At this time of year……

It is true, some folk find themselves depressed. All the emphasis on joy, on cheer, work a different outcome upon them than is to be expected. Yet, though many of us don’t follow this, don’t understand this……it instead follows logic, follows the laws of association.

For example, by a good deal of Schools of Psychology the “Fear of Failure” is said to be the same as the “Fear of Success”. This, though a seeming contradiction is in fact true. To put this last into simple terms goes like this; If you fear failing, then the proximity of success will evoke from within you the anxiety which lights up your fear of failure. That very same fear, the mind processes to evoke anxiety by either success or failure.

This is the human nature we have been endowed with. Yes, I know this is a paradox, a mystery. But not really. It is common sense.

Do not be disturbed by this, nor perplexed, just stick around and in some future post we will examine those two (the fear of failure and the fear of success), so now onward towards Holiday Cheer and its effect upon those within which it produces much depression, and anxiety.

Before we pursue this further, below you will find a post link (to read at your discretion. I advise you read it after. Though it seems to be at a tangent, upon reading, a light bulb will light up, emphasizing this post’s relation, an “Aha” moment) which you should refer to for a deeper understanding of this “Contrast” thing, how opposites seem to elicit the same reaction.

To Continue;

Through common sense (which can be far too common) we dismiss this being a mystery by looking upon it in terms of “The have and the have nots”.

IE, if you draw near those who had it (Family love, warmth, affection, togetherness, celebration of this unity….) yet you didn’t, you find yourself reminded of your lack.

This tallies up as “What the hay…” am I not just as possessing in value? And this has a very peculiar effect upon one.

You see, that peculiar effect is how this is reworked by our Psyche. Our Psyche might attempt to discredit this impression upon us. We construct a veneer.

We become clothed with drama. A portrayal from us. We procure a talisman which says; Hey I don’t much like this, nor need this. IE families. All that smoochy stuff.

This closeness, this is weakness personified (so we conclude, attempt to discredit how all this affects us). This Christmassy thing. This Holiday cheer thing. We chase this spectre away. The Spectre of Holiday Cheer.

So in essence a Duality is employed by the human Psyche. But what is worked is actually the same thing. Like “gossamer wings”, insubstantial. And this is how negotiable values are constructed. Not unlike how “One man’s hero is another man’s enemy.”

Now to forestall me taking you, subjecting you through my complete school of thought which would involve thousands of posts, and in order to adhere to this title above…..

Mind you the purpose of this post is to help those who experience depression at this time of year, and so it becomes expedient to point out that through indoctrination they have been misled which is a common practice of the Fallen human nature. Conditioned to be subjected to stimuli. You see, there can be no Psychology without the Word of God. Otherwise we are being had, used. We are responding to that Void which is a product of the absence of the Life of God in man. The innate Void.

The Life forfeited by our father Adam. And so the Void in man was created. And so we return to the Title; Filling or Fulfilling.

Well, fulfilling the Void is accomplished in “Like or Unlike”. And this is also called “mirroring”. Though one is masked by “positivity” while the other as “negativity” they are one and the same; Like Kipling’s Two Impostors, in “If”.

This is what the Void does, drives us to mirror it. Fulfill it.

But the remedy is to Fill it. Fill the Void. You know, like when we fill the Christmas Stocking.

And for this purpose God gave His Son. His perfect Life to take the place of the Void life we possess, was released upon the Cross of Calvary. This Life (Christ’s Life) can Fill the Void we inherit from the disobedient Adam.

How? Through Trust. Why through trust? Because Jesus is the 2nd Adam. Our 2nd chance. Jesus Trusted God the Father, as demonstrated by His obedience. So thereby unleashing a successful Spirit, not a disobedient spirit (small s). So, it is that Spirit which will be with the Father, which can deliver us from the conducted pedestrian formalities we recognize here upon earth, formalities which adjudge us as being lesser than the next person, which affect our human conscience which cannot compare with the God Conscience. That precious God Conscience which says be still and know that I am God. Allow me to be manifested through you, my value, my works and not your dead works. Dead Void Works.

A different Life altogether.

You see once it (this truth about the Cross, Christ and Eternal Life) has been presented to you in a way that makes sense, you might have a light bulb go off in your head.

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