Apple, Tree, Falling Distance….

This is a old post. It succeeds in making you aware of how Duality functions among us, yet we are unaware of its impact.
Our being folk who function with Dualistic reactions just proves that we are pawns, that Satan works among us to give credibility to our distracting pastimes. Read and watch how you will recognize a small thing which turns out to be not so small. My writing has improved in comparison so bear with the difference. Thanks for being here.


More true and applicable perhaps, than we practice to perceive. Relevance.

Significance, meaning, defining it!!!!

The apple does not fall far from the tree.

We either hear it when some one wishes to point out the short comings of offspring, and though rare, the similarities in positive traits.

But I wish to point out something today which falls in this context, yet is deceptive. It has the notoriety of sending offspring out into life with a mission which they thought to be in the nature of a worthy crusade, yet is actually a form of Self Condemnation.

A mission limiting one’s life, by occupying, serving as more of a distraction. Keeping one from a better deliverance at hand.

Let us begin with the word Syndrome;




a group of symptoms that consistently occur together or a condition characterized by a set of associated symptoms: “a rare syndrome in…

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