And So……(We Practice Killing Abel).

The Story of Cain and his Brother Abel.

Abel’s offering to God was accepted. Cain’s offering was not accepted by God. Cain was wroth (upset, displeased, angered).

That’s not fair. What kind of nonsense is this? Preference without reason, without cause? This upsets the Barney the purple dinosaur’s concept of “you are special”.

The way our mind has fashioned a “god” we would conclude that this “god” would require, would be pleased that the worshiper is faithful in bringing such beautiful, colorful and eye pleasing perfection, such bounty (fruit, vegetable) before “him”. But no. This “god”, as we perceive him (small “h” again) is not pleased.

Ridiculous (or is it religulous?).

Had man created God (capital “G”, we’s tocking bout da big baba now) that would be the case; “religulous”……

Had man created God…………

But because man did not create God, He had (has) His reason for not accepting Cain’s and instead, accepting Abel’s offering.

A stinky Lamb, as opposed to colorful eye pleasing lusterful fruit and veggies!

What’s wrong with god?

Nothing wrong with God. Something perpetually wrong with the nature of man.

A Key Concept;


What did Cain do as a result of God’s rejection?

He killed Abel. For Abel was a reminder of God’s rejection. The reminder that God’s way was the only way.

What is pronounced (stands out) in this story? Man’s ego, pride, presumption.

Man did not create God in spite of all the acts of worship you see carried out throughout the world in the name of God. Many acts of which God Himself is not in acknowledgment of. And this thought goes back to the story of Cain and Abel.

The Lamb meant, Substitution, Representation, that an offering must be an innocent, not just eye pleasing, the best of the flock. Our best is “Another”; Another in our stead (instead of us).

The Blood of the innocent.

Blood speaks.

“The voice of thy Brother’s Blood crieth unto me from the ground”; God said to Cain.

What did Cain do, I asked before? He killed Abel. What does man do on a daily basis (the man who mocks God)? He kills Abel, any one who is comforted in knowing that he is not worthy of acceptation by God, except through the intervention, the representation of another. This other being the Lamb of God. 

So to summarize;

God is the Elephant in the room. Man’s God Conscience. We criticize a worship which tells of Representation, mediation such as that of a Jesus Christ who had to die on our behalf that we might have a audience, a representative, a “Voice” in the presence of God. 

Cain in killing Abel was mocking “Representation”, a innocent needed between us and God. But God would not let His arrangement be lost in the path of man’s spirit of destruction, evasion and denial.

I hear your Brother’s blood. The Blood talks. And in this case just like the offering (Abel’s), it talks, except this time of futility, of Cain’s frustration, being denied the approval of God. And this is why the much revered folk like Bill Maher deny man’s worship of God. Because it excludes “Me”, “I” as worthy without a representative, a unblemished one like Christ. We bear the Adamic Stain as Cain did.

We bear the Mark of Cain, and so are subject to Oblivion, Nothingness, Waste. Otherwise (in the case of a believer with representation) nothing is wasted, everything happens for a reason, and nothing is vain for God is in it, if Jesus His Son is in it. It is part and parcel of the deal, acceptance by the believer; His Will be done. 

God is the elephant in the room and Bill Maher doesn’t like that. Cain doesn’t like that.

Do you? Opportunity knocks at the doorstep. Sin lieth at the door, do something about it. What a wonderful time of the year; to trust in God, trust in Christ. 

I can be reached at, and, and at face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo, And at 

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Face Book.




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