Opal’s Letter

Here’s something from early this year, call it a recapturing if you will. I was moved to make the call, I knew nothing about the letter. I hope you could use something like this at this time of year.


Opal is my oldest daughter. You can read about this remarkable person in “A Change Up”, and “Opal’s Poem”. First Born, is what we used to refer to her with, after she saw, and loved a Movie with the same title.

As a kid, she was always in your face. “I am here”, see me, recognize me, acknowledge me.

One day she came to visit me at work. She went around cleaning tables and talking to the customers. Taking drinks (non Alcohol) to them, and food items. She chatted up my boss, Mr. Jack, as he insisted on being addressed. Laughing with her. I paid them no mind, I had to run the place. We referred to it as the 5th Avenue store. My bosses had several others in Manhattan, New York.

“She’s so personable”, he said of Opal.

A leader, all the kids she knew saw her as the leader of…

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