The Two Spirits Of Giving

We needs be separate with clarity the Two Spirits Of Giving. This Holiday Season it behooves us humans to distinct between the two. Yes.

One being of the Human Conscience, and the other of the God Conscience.

One is under bondage, and grounded with the inability to soar, whereas the other can soar, take off with the wings of eagles.

They also comprise two altars of worship. One worships man in his limited capacity while the other worships God in His infinite capacity.

One worships death unawares while the other worships Life while aware.

One seems alive while dead and the other is Alive while partially dead yet seeking Life. The second being repentant, which quality of self awareness, repentance, permits the Life, the Spirit of God to manifest itself.

One makes a being a vessel unto dishonor, serving the death within, oblivion and waste, while the other makes of a being a vessel unto honor. A soul which God can inhabit, enliven.

We (some) tend to see the first (above) as inhibiting, which is the way that Cain viewed it. Stymieing. Which denies our potential, our beauty of individuality. Boring and infringing upon our dreams of self.

As to the above, the truth is that just like the Ones handed the Talents (Negotiable substances; Currency recognized by eternity, destined and designated as having value sanctioned by God Almighty) working with them, looking for opportunities of investment which would yield profit, dual Security is achieved. 

That Dual Security is;

A) Substance. Yes true substance, true Value, for the only real value is Eternal, that which counts beyond life’s veil.

B) The Master’s welcome, acceptance, recognition. Enter thou into the joy of thy Lord.

But let’s talk about the Spirit of Giving Vs. the spirit of giving on this Holiday Season.

One (spirit of giving) is pronounced by the human conscience. Done as a separate altar of worship. Not a worship at the Altar of God Himself but feeding our ego. This is the sign, designation of the dead. The guilty attempting to buy his own value, remorse on his own terms. Working with death. Guilt. Thus remaining in a state of guilt. Appeasing the unease within, the sentence within. 

The sentence saying, “Yet I remain dead” and am in need of Life. True Life. My Father (Adam, who is dead Spiritually) bequeathed me naught but death.

Careful how you approach the homeless, the beggar in the street this Holiday Season, are you trying to silence a portion of you which yet languors in destitution, in need of more filling of the Power and the Glory which belongs to God. Dominions within which yearn for deliverance, hungry to say, “I yearn and am hungry for domination of the Life of God.” Areas of aridity within you. Are you wishing to silence the voice of those dry wells with giving. Because if you function in this light then your offering to the destitute will not work a good work but will instead feed your ego, feed death. Feed the spirit of man, the Adamic flesh.

First be reconciled unto God, for if you don’t give to God you have nothing to give your brother.

Perform your good work out of the Life of God, out of His Spirit. 


Spend some time with such people. Show them your testimony (Provided you have the Life of God within, have Trusted in Christ.). Socialize. The Holy Spirit will open the door. You will know. You will know what to give. But first give of your self. God will be Faithful, present and accounted for.

I promise you that you will leave their side with a feeling of fulfillment, instead of a conscience (human) which has been temporarily silenced. The God Conscience has no guilt. It is finished, were the words uttered upon the Cross. That perfect work was finished upon the Cross. He fulfilled all that which was needed to staunch that which made us live in guilt prior. The perfect offering was effected. 

We, the Believer, are not seasonal. Don’t let grounded emotions sway your work on earth. But instead allow for the Spirit of God to lead, direct your giving. 

For even the weight of death is emotional, and leads to works which are subservient to death.

Let your Faith be your Life.

I can be reached at, and, and at face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo.

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Face Book.


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