The Inside/Outside Duality

Here is a old post again. It seems a little complicated, but go it slow and the light will appear.


We must allow the external things to pile up sometimes. Yes, I know it is a bold move, and seemingly costly (in appearances), but, the power it exerts over the internal will be relinquished enough to permit the internal to gift us.

Yes, it will gift us with some insight, some Spirit might which will provide access to the Grace, and Love of God. Remember that the Void is a hard taskmaster as is its false god, “perfection”.

It is our Voidedness which compels us to preoccupy with the external.

Jesus to Martha; “Mary hath chosen that good part”

Remember that there exists a duality which draws might from utilizing “substitution”.

The Void is mirrored in Like and in Unlike. Dualities.

In this case it is duplicitously employing us in gifting our mind with a sense of accomplishment (occupying in cleaning the outside).

A soother, a imposing sense of purpose. A…

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