Don’t be taken in by the title, this old post is way deeper. This thought provoking post might even inspire a post for you. Leave your offering at the exit door. Enjoy it.


Was the lovely Marble Artistic Sculpture already waiting to be released from the block of Marble, ere the artist conceived it within his mind?

Did the confined sculpture implore the conscience of the Artist to release and realize it?


Was the work of art waiting to be delivered from the confines of the Marble?


I’d be deeply tempted to say; Yes.

Happenstance, we conclude it to be, because it lends import to the role we play. But this is a mere gift to us, this so called happenstance. To alight upon the consideration, turning this into a illustration, an analogy, summons forth a “childlike faith”. A possibility accommodated with power.

You see, faith is “circular”.

We are like the work of art, struggling to evade the fate of remaining unrecognized, unappreciated, while we lie in state.


Yes, it is the Void in us we wish to evade…

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