A Letter Of Introduction

Here is a piece of work which can be assessed as overly dramatic, entertainment. Look upon it as almost a literary project worked on in creative writing. It can be enjoyed if read with the eye of a writer. It too is an old post as I am struggling with myself not to write any new posts, while I attempt to occupy self with other things in my life. Thank you.



This letter is to introduce MAO.

Though quite unassuming, don’t sleep on this facet of his presentation. No doubt you know better, dear Father.

Am relying on you with great stock aforehand placed in you, that you have already available a place of refuge for him.

As you know, I am at hand. Nearby.

MAO, has no commendable features. Barring one. Life has stripped him of all the assumed negotiable merits. So it was that the end product you see before you has upon its brow, after effects of not only windshere, but various weatherings.

But none of this evidence is to be assumed as meritourious. No, none in the least.

Yes, he has not supplied any sustenance for self, no, this is why I have supplied this letter of introduction for him.

He saw fit not to care for himself, Father.

He did some crazy things, if he…

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