Understanding Self And The Void Within

Self is what?

Self is a myth. It is a legend we are practically forced to create in order to possess value. It is crucial that the individual understand this in order to be functional. So then from where does the creation of this mythical “Self” arise? Good question. The answer is that self arises from the indoctrination we experience subjected upon us from this earthly sphere. 

It is kind of sad but true, that circumstances subject us to the creation of a self which accumulates value, is negotiable as it traverses through this earthly sphere. So point in observing at this juncture is that the beginning of happiness lies within acknowledging this aforesaid fact. And why is this so?

It is so because then you will really not be in the dark, behind the curtains of the stage, a mere observer; In essence outside true Self. You will begin to have true options as to what to embrace in life. 

This is but one of the paradoxes in life; IE being a actor upon the stage of life places you behind the curtains of that stage. For you are a performer. 

Consider that the world is a stage, well then…..

You don’t wish to be played do you? Of course not. You wish to have a true choice. But what is the most crucial thing that you need to acquire knowledge concerning? 

We must answer the following question; Why are we driven to vesture self with this Persona, this myth which we assume to be “Self” and negotiate it through life, drop trails of crumbs encompassing it, defining it for public observation, consumption? 

Yes you are correct; (Answer) This is where the Void enters the big picture of life.

Axiom; There are two sources for all human drive extant.

1) Void 


2) The Life of God

Conclusion based on what we have discussed thus far; Humankind (all of us) are in need of value from the get go. 

And this is because we are a Voided Creation. This is why we find ourselves in need of value.

As soon as we are born, and this is why we record, collect experiences, and yes, true but sad, some of these experiences are scarring. 

And yes some of them occur yet at a juncture in life for us when we are ill equipped for the processing of them. IE we lack language skills, a working data base for definition. Impressions are all we possess, carry with us, seeming shadows though affecting, subjecting us to moods, anxiety, withdrawals.

 And so it is that there are triggers extant as we venture through life, and time which work with “Association”, which cause us to act, respond publicly “Irrationally”. In ways which appear unacceptable to those who have not had acquaintance with such indoctrination.

Due to the storing of these unidentified experiences. The data is there but we are Void driven to bury it because the Void is attached to any thing at extremes in a more powerful way than to commonality. Simple everyday functions, are not recorded in our Psyche so as to trip up our performance like recorded trauma, or highlighted positive experiences can. Yes this sounds a lot like the medical tag “Bipolar”. 

But be patient, for in this school (this work) you accumulate more. In the meantime let us go back to “Self”…….(hope to provoke thought with ellipses….comedy relief, for this subject is kinda dark)…….. 

Self is a parachute, a safety net we parade, a theme we hide behind.
But why is this so?
Again, it is so because we lack true value. We are in need of value, and why is our Psyche so vulnerable that it requires value? 
Answer; Because within the bowels of the human being lies a thing intuited which is quite harrowing in makeup. 
This thing is a thing of designation, of appertainment. 
As we traverse this earthly plane this innate cargo is put upon by all our experiences, all that life subjects us to. This is how sensitive we are. Happy things and sad things. We cling desperately, yet unaware of so doing, to the positive and happy things. Interesting that the mystic says “Words fail”. For words do deceive us in duplicity. In Duality. Why do I say such a thing? Because what we accept as “Positive”, dualistically, surprisingly, can be negative. Deep huh? But these are Spiritual things of which I point out, and little by little you will begin to see, understand, absorb and process effectively the more your mind becomes delivered from the confines, the shackles of indoctrination. 
This is what is referred to as “Gain the whole world and lose your Soul (self)”. Because dear friend, your true self is your Soul. So in the end it becomes more profitable to lose the myth of self, and truly then begin to breathe, to live. So there are two selves; The Myth of self, and the Soul which is “True Self”.
This truth innate propels us to align our Psyche, build a persona cemented, yet solidified, loaned substance to by identifying itself with value. Negotiable, recognized value. So do you see what we have done as humans?
And do you see how it impacts all of us?
Yes, this is why we, as we are enrolled into this structure built out of brokenness suffer conflict, demonstrate rebellion, resentment, a feeling that there has to be something better. 
Since we are Void driven to identify with value what then should be our occupation, our interests, our pursuits?
To begin with, we need guidance. The help of a true believer. No not a guru. Not a mystic. For if we placed ourselves in the hands of such a individual then we would be subject to mania. Emotional rather than logical. The mystic is too preoccupied with reactions to the elements, the sun, the earth, and thus influenced by sensations. 
It is the Spirit and not the spirit which we must look for for guidance. Capital “S” as opposed to small “s”, and don’t be deceived, don’t even debate, or attempt to debate by bringing up the defense of semantics. I am not employing semantics. 
You see, there is the spirit of man, and there is the Spirit of God. A spiritually (small “s”) keen person can deceive, and mislead many. They play with toys, toys which not only lead them down the bad road, but either subtly or loudly turn upon them for their service. 


But things will become clearer as we proceed to part two of this topic. So don’t fail to return. Promise I will attempt to corral some of these themes, clarify.

I can be reached at turbans713@yahoo.com, and
https://kingrat1397@gmail.com, and at face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Face Book.


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