A Story (fiction again)

“You had that dream again, did you, John?”


“Tell me about it John.”

John recounts the dream for the Analyst.

Scary, harrowing. Eerie, haunting, thought provoking. Remarkable. Exasperating. A dream any one would seek rescue in the mere waking process.

“Gee Doc can you tell me the meaning of this dream.” “They say that if you get the interpretation of a dream it gets to be ratcheted down, the fear, the scariness of it gets toned down, so please Doc, please interpret the dream for me.”

The Doctor appears to take a deep breath. Tension, john’s hands and stomach seem to knot up at the same moment.

The Doctor opens her mouth to speak…….

John wakes up.

“Had that same dream again, John?” This from his wife who appears to have been awakened by John’s motions while sleeping in bed with her.

“Tell me about it baby.”

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or on face book as Miguel (Mickey) Angel Oquendo of Huachuca City, Az.


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