Tomorrow; Christmas Negotiability

We know, yes, the majority of Christendom knows that there is some evidence that points to the Birth of our Lord having occurred in the Summer. Life is made up of many uncorrected items like this, alright. Acceptance, recognition, acknowledgements and tolerances.

But about Christmas; Is there a bottom line? An above and beyond message, a cumulative substantial meaning? We emphasize the Birth of our Savior and yes with reason, for His birth is so meaningful to us. It (His Birth) crystallizes the analogy of His being “The Gift of God.”, a gift out of Love, eternal in weight and meaning. A gift, yes because we can take it to the bank and cash it in; The Eternal Bank, the blank check for every one born of woman. Value, true value; That thing which we believe to make of our lives. All of our preoccupations, whether to love another, to be loved by another, to love our Children, our parents, our selves……

To live what we  think is a fruitful life, acknowledged as meaningful by the standards of the world…..ummm?

Yes all these mentioned are merely interpreted values, preferential in outcome, affected, vesturing our deeds, and though highly esteemed by humankind are in fact pitiful in contrast to what we will be required to lay at the feet of God the owner of Eternity and all of Creation. And why is this so? Huh?

Because such things are tainted by the tainted. As sons of a fallen creation, fallen due to non acknowledgement of the Word of God, His care taking, His cautionary Word, following in our own opinions, preferences, we do so as the blind leading the blind. The dead in Life, His Life absented therefore makes all of our deeds, intents null and void. Why is this so? It is so due to the ruler of our hearts, of our kingdom; Death rules, because we lack His (God’s) Life, as we inherited from Adam, a emptiness, a Void where the Life, true Life of God once did abide. 

But to further state my case; This is why we are restless, always responding to this emptiness within, always looking to define it in the things we are allured to, yes definition, that ephemeral item, what is it that we seek, ummm???? We seek what we lack.

Romance, that beauty (guy/girl), the one???

That goal? Objective? Fill the Void, fill the Void, huh?

I was never, knew no contentment until I submitted all my energies, all my power, time, heart, to Him the God of Creation, and why is this so?

Because then He began to fill my being, His essence it was which provided unto me a final fulfillment. Meaning, and purpose I understood through Him. The Vessel unto honor I became. I learned Love when His presence took hold, took charge, took precedence. This is not a zero, a nothing existence I live, no, no!

You might discern this above by the things I write about, you might…..

I hope.

I pray.

I Love you with His Love. Mark my word; His Love. No you don’t want, don’t need my love for it is tainted, for this shell yet marks me as a son of Adam, it works so hard to take me away, pull me aside from His (God’s) dominion. I am a human pinata (squiggle over the “n”). Circumstances under His loving hands contrive to break me, break the hold this Adamic flesh has over me at times in order that He, His presence be made known for the others who find themselves in need. I am poured out that He might be poured out at times. His being, His Life can shine through the cracks of my disillusionment. Wrest from my clutching fingers oh Lord these things upon which I cast all my hopes in; “Nevertheless not mine, but your Will be done.”

When I was a child above my bed was slice off a tree, shellacked, a illustration upon it, beautiful it was indeed, indeed. Colorful, displaying an Angel about to rescue two toddlers attempting to cross a downed bridge in the midst of a storm. Male and female were they. I never failed to look upon that work of art and think of God, of His providence, of His emissaries. 

When I think of Humankind, the things which a fallen Adamic nature has wrought among us, afflictions all stemming from the Void innate within, I see a need, my heart gets wrung with His Love, my eyes become pools of liquid, I see the need.

King James Bible
Then Peter said, Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk.

I see because He sees. I see what He sees. Don’t credit me, for if you do then you are subject to human frailty in doing so. Emotion, fickle human emotion.

I lay this Christmas gift before thee. Christ the Son of God. What shall you do with this Gift; The Son of God, His opportunity to truly know Life. It is negotiable substance for you can by Faith alone find regeneration, renewal. A chance to believe again, as the child you left, abandoned years past.

He made a way across that unbridgeable chasm. Oh yes, no doubt, Adam was there wanting to lead the way, but also like myself trembled in fear at sight of the break in the overpass. The storm howling about us. Who then shall stand in the breach? Through the blinding storm I saw Him, Perfection itself, the cascading drops pouring down my face, attempting to blind my vision could not obscure His Loveliness. Hold unto me, He said, and we did as He said. But then the whole scene was changed, He was being nailed to a cross. No, no we must let go. Do not let go said He. No matter what your heart tells you, disregard reason, do not let go. But Master…….”Disregard reason, do not let go”, But we weigh upon thee too heavily! “No you are not heavy, for I am in my Father’s Hand.”

Of Course He was right. I have disappointed many in the course of my breaking that I might not disappoint Him.

Here is my Christmas song to you. Listen.


I can be reached at, and, and at face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Face Book.


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      1. That’s okay, not to write in English. There was a comment here from you which erased, so I will answer it here; The book is going poorly. Several starts and stops. It’s okay though began once again. And sorry to hear about your blog traffic. I can’t imagine why, since you are so talented.

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