The Homeless

An old post. Attempting to show the “Construct” which the Void in man creates as subterfuge to credit the corpse, fallen man with representative value as he occupies.
We make out bed, here as well as in history, in Adam before the fall.
Drama. We also succumb to frailty regardless of our token posts.
Acceptance, toleration, self importance, these three are just a few of the items under the umbrella which we call Society, civilization. Words, yes words in employ keep us with enough significance that the structure though flawed keeps its power.


Who are they?

Normally, apparent folk who are overwhelmed by the system. The “system” is the construct the humans have erected which is designed to instill the confidence that “humanity alone, can and will find all the answers to its needs, its lack.”

In the mean while, it is this same construct which has created the homeless.

Expectations, ideals which do not sit well by the invalidated.

Unavoidably, this must be so. The measure doth cut its swath. If you can keep up, good, if you can’t then we will provide a retrieval system (part of the construct, see..) which will ensure that you obtain some resources to reprogram you, and hopefully bring you back into the fold.

Churches or “none profit” (self created) other entities then tap into funds supplied by the Societal conglomerate which, undergoing some “societal conscience” pressure, create subsidies for this eventuality (when dregs, and dross are…

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