If His Hand Breaks You….

Here’s a old post, have not taken the time to review it, so it may not be up to par, you be the judge.


Take comfort, be of good cheer, you will be Supernaturally Reconfigured.

In with the New, out with the Old.

Just like the Old Year goes, so will the Old You go. Consider; You get blessed, before the “Breaking”. His Hand touches you thereupon.

He prayed over the five loaves and two fish. Then He broke them, and they were sufficient for the aspired hunger in the multitude.

That the Supernatural, would be released, for only a supernatural reconfiguring of the loaves, and fish (ending the natural state) could be adequate to the task of feeding a multitude.

You could not ask for a better way of God showing Himself in your life. Imagine…..

To think that He should outfit you for the needs of others. That He should single you out, that He should stand behind you….

Yes, behind you. Inside you, abolishing your insufficiency. This is something you can’t take credit…

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