Understanding Self And The Void Within (part three)

Welcome back.

It is crucial to this study, your understanding of the Void, its significance, that you potentially, and with logical clarity see that none of the external negative events in life would possess any interpretative value were it not for the horrific presence of the Void within.

Naturally yes, and this should be interesting if you like (as I do) paradoxes, it is due to the presence of the Void within that by contrast, all the positive occurrences are perceived, assessed as positive. 

All the reprieve, times of inactivity, are also perceived as positive; IE This means (inactivity) that sleeping dogs are let lie. The Void is not invoked. Not elicited. 

Again, by inactivity I mean that no negative events transpire in our lives. The Void is not disinterred. 

How is it that a dark, and negative thought can bring us the shivers, chills, we cringe within our very own consciousness. We cringe when we relive that trauma concluded incident, the one where we saw……..where we sliced our……because the Void is intuited is why. What do I mean by the aforesaid?

When that event occurred in real time; Whether for a moment or for minutes, eternity reached backward to us and that occurrence was forever joined to what the significance of the Void within entails for us.

Can you not see how much we as humans sleep on?

Do you see that living for us is a Duality. 

Understanding the Imperative.

The Void within is an indictment against us humans. It is the earnest of assignment, appertainment. Destination Discard. And sadly, yes, home, and it is that address of which we are in need of changing. 

This is a frightening subject I know, but it is a matter of life and death that you stick with this study for you see; We pay a big price for ignorance. 

Yes, we are pawns, being used, lulled into sleep if we don’t learn about these things. And the Church actually has been representing these truths I share with you, except that the language it uses to sound the alarm was suitable for the times it came out of. 

And that, not because man was more ignorant, more superstitious, no, uh uh no. 

But because there was no need to use this language I use today. Even today there are many who will not be moved by my interpretations, but there are some who will be moved by the approach the Church employed back in Biblical days. I have been called to address you, yes you reading this. God is not willing that any should perish. He gave me “Talents” (Matthew 25:14-30), no not skills (though He gives all of us skills) but here referred to as Coins. Which coins I must purchase with, buy with, renegotiate time, transactions between me and folk, opportunities, convert into Value. If I can rekindle that light that everyone enters this earthly sphere with, make it warmer, with its fire you will be rekindled, your heart will be alight, you will find and embrace the God you have been away from due to the lies of this earthly plane, due to the preoccupations of this confusion we call “life”.

Yes, all this confusion you see about you is but ignorance scratching an itch. That is how pitiful what is played out before us is. What passes for intellect, for science, for logic is all but mere preferences and worse, they are all Void dictated. I do right, but why can I boast this?

The Void within is just a reminder. A warning describing my state, our state within.

And so it is that in heeding it I take on upon myself, afford myself of the luxury, recourse, provision made that it (the Void) might be filled, and this is why Trust, Belief is so important, a new beginning. A life filled, Spirit Filled new start. Employing the 2nd Adam from above. Jesus Christ, His Spirit poured out, His Life poured out upon the Cross of Calvary.

But let us continue with this study.

Science can stand on a soap box and say (for example) “fight or flight” and we say, as humans, wow, that is so logical, yet no true ascription is recognized here with this gem of a contribution. And of course I referred to Fear with this entry above. “Flight or Fight”. We accept making sense of a thing as “logical”, but we are not aware as to why “logic” can be esteemed and made a god (small “g”) of. It is the little things which will distract, will get us lost in the mire. If we don’t draw up these questions, such as; “Why”, yes why is fear present to begin with. Listen very carefully……

Are we so entitled that this faculty is ours by virtue of “I”, “Me”. No, we must pause and ask ourselves; Why are we equipped with this ability to fear?

Fact is that it is a “Primordial” thing, before time for us began. It was birthed before the known world, and by that I mean after man left the presence of the Creator. When we set out to this playing field, “Civilization”. Man spawned societies. 

We can say that “Fear” is imprinted into man from the dawn of the ages. And no, don’t sit there and conjure images of dinosaurs and cavemen. No. Instead picture God. Picture God creating man. Picture God breathing into man His Life. So was man animated. With the Life of God. But man disobeyed. Improbable that He should retain the Spirit of God. After not believing, not trusting, sleeping on God’s warning. And so man became waste material, destined for discard, waste, oblivion.

Possessing the Void within is a thing which must be intuited. And it is intuited. Such a realization intuited is what drives man. We are fear driven. 

Fear driven to ignore it. Ignore the presence of the Void. Contradict its presence. We go on and create the stage for our way of assessing, giving value to things. Worth according to our feeble minds which are already running away from truth due to fear.

Keep an eye out for part four. For I might post other items before it surfaces. Sincerely, your dear Brother; MAO (love).

Below are parts one and two (mind you the link for part two says “three” in spite of its being part two, just ignore that; complicated) for your better understanding of this profound subject matter, thank you.



I can be reached at turbans713@yahoo.com, and
https://kingrat1397@gmail.com, and at face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Face Book.


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