Simplification And Confusion

You are convinced you know what you are doing. Confident that you understand life. In fact what you are engaged in is mere perpetuation. 

You perpetuate a theme which was extant yay before you came upon the scene. I know, for I was caught up in the rut myself for many years. And true, I confess, somewhat inclined toward rebellion, always with a heart to contradict the order of things, a sense of questioning. I believed wholeheartedly that no one knew in truth what the heck they were doing.

With God in your life you can make sense of things.

Of course, yes, the above statement sounds cliche. It invokes images of “religion”, solemnity, boredom, nondescript characterization, ciphers. IE you will possess no individuality whatsoever. Yet if you have had opportunity to learn about me (for example) you will (should) conclude that my life is a rarity. I am not a cipher (zero), but instead my life is one of significance.

All that I represent comes from God. All the common sense I possess comes from God.

With God in your life you will/can make sense of things.

Axiomatic, prima facie, self evident. Why is this so?

To put it brusquely: What we view as “life” is but the product of the stage given, provided for us and…..

We fill that stage with outpourings of the Adamic Nature. A fallen being. Incapable of fulfillment because he himself is unfulfilling. Like a impotent seed.

Because man has the center stage. It is also axiomatic that we are imperfect. It is also axiomatic that we have equipped that stage with drama, pretensions of impressions, romantic ideals, goals to aspire to, and not to exclude; great confusion. The stage is a place of woe for us as humans.

Much misleading. Much handicapping of our fellow man, invalidating our dreams, and making them turn out to be just that, “Dreams”, aspirations which seek to make mankind (or if you prefer Humankind) a entity capable of showing us the way, “Humankind the Deliverer”.

The job of the home is to teach the young, the new entrants into this existence, life. And yes, we are failing. The chain was born of links which are unable to give what they themselves lack.


And not for religion but for our sake did the Son of God: Jesus come to “Obey”. To obey. He carried precious cargo. He had to at all costs, including the death of the Cross, to insure, protect that precious cargo, the Life of God for us, for me, for you. The structure of belief demanded this. Without trust, without understanding, without placing the “order”, the command, placing its origin, origin to Authority, to severity, we might be disinclined to follow a edict. 

With the presence, with the sending of His Son to die in our stead God was taking precautions, he was thinking as we might think. It was a lesson for us, indeed. A Sunday School class. A class born out of Love, out of compassion. The Cross of Calvary.

Do yourself a favor and simplify things.

Boil down all the elements, forget customs, traditions, and just simplify things. The man of “science” has misled us, has deceived us: “I will show you the way” science is the god which shall deliver you. “We will do your thinking for you.” we will show you the way. Don’t attempt to lead yourselves, but rather invest in something of which you know nothing about. Or join us, come and study our bibles, our books which will entitle you to become elite. Elite like us. 

The people of God cannot be sensible, logical. Devoid of myth, devoid of “religion”.

Well, guess what? There are enough religions, acts of worship. Belief in guilt and employing deeds which tend to help alleviate guilt, “religiosity”, fervent in living in the wheel, the circle of guilt, still enslaved, trapped by the imaginations of illogic, man attempting to usurp the authority, power of God. There is so much which we are unschooled in, yes. My heart cries for that. This is my job. No one but God Himself can fire me. When my day comes I shall be ready.

Can’t get pass the Truth. 

There will always be someone to teach the Truth.

Hang in there. Hang in there please, please. The Holy Spirit’s filling can be yours, get pass all the mire, the morass and you will see what a difference you life will be with God in it.

I love you guys with His Life within me enabling. I am nothing, but I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

I can be reached at, and, and at face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Face Book.


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