Perfectly imperfect…

This family I have gotten to know through my blog, and there is no finer place to go to in the blogging world to find the place of warmth in the heart of God, to which we are led in following the steps of our Saviour. Take time to read this and you will agree that these two and their two children are a wonderful outlet for the experience we all want with God and His Loving Son.

Shattered in Him

Last night we took down the Christmas tree and packed it all away. It seems impossible to think that another year could pass so quickly. This time last year, I was beginning to anticipate the last part of pregnancy with my son. I daydreamed a lot about what two children would be like and whether or not my heart had the capacity to love another child as much as I love my daughter. Could a human heart stretch that far and wide without snapping?

When I started my weekly exams at the doctor’s last winter, my obstetrician let me know I was over 80% effaced and around 4cm dilated. We were so certain I would be giving birth within 24 hours, because my daughter came quickly just 2 and a half years previously.

Well, my son took his time. I walked around between 80-90% effaced and somewhere between 4-5cm dilated…

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