Put The Blinders On

Fear, oh yes Fear!

Our human mind, disposition. 

Fear is majorally the reason why we put the blinders on. Stubbornness is in the mix, yes in the recipe. Threatened, oh yes sometimes a separate truth, a truth our Psyche makes, designates, relegates to “Alien” that we might preserve a pseudo integrity. A pseudo integrity held in the guise of “Confidence”, strength.

Though unadressed because we wish, require to keep the myth, a false self integrity that we (mankind) can pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, keep this myth alive. But…….

It is quite telling, yes revealing that the themes which we espouse do mirror, reiterate the truth we find in the Biblical Fall of Humankind. Oh yes indeed.

Here’s a quote from a remarkable Wife and Mother, fellow blogger which hosts the wordpress blog; “shatteredinhim.com.”

As you  might see below, she is addressing myself in a talk about God. She let me have it pretty well indeed (and that on face book, woe is me, shamed).

JD Mays Miguel Angel Oquendo The Holy Spirit can move mountains and we are granted the privilege of being vessels (God doesn’t NEED us one bit). It is a privilege to be a willing vessel of God’s love and light. God relishes when we are willing to be just that, so He allows His Spirit to move through us and for us. THAT is the miracle of it all. God does not need us to do squat, but He so desires a relationship with us that He allows us to be used for His glory. We all need to let that sink in, because THAT is how much God loves us!! He doesn’t need us at all, but He LONGS for us.

That above is the end of her quote.

Please witness the capitalizations, yes, she was screaming her lungs out at poor little me in those words.

I’m glad she kicked off her heels when she kicked and lashed out at me with the above.

She is a little lady, this one. A force to be reckoned with. And why??????

Because she has encountered in her life much adversity. Yes, without that we might sleep on “Truth”. That truth that this body with its simulations of pleasantry, what appears to be good health for some, paradoxically, dualistically will lull us to sleep.

The Bible says quite ingeniously; They that be whole need not a physician, but they that are sick.

So much that is engaged to work against us. Against us seeing the Light.

You are plagued with an affliction from the git, a bruising, the bruising of the heel (The Snake, serpent) well then…….

You might find God. 

Circumstances have contrived to make of you, in advent to this world, this existence, this life, one who is insecure, shy, morose, one of little confidence in self, paralyzed with fear to face observation, public scrutiny, possessing a inner voice which says, don’t stand up for yourself, you will make things worse. Succumb to ridicule, you are lesser than, be quiet, shut up.

Seek the quiet of solitude. Don’t try for you will fail. Stupid, dummy, idiot. You are nuts, you are a moron, you are a sad sack. You are not “Made for cheer, chipper as they are, happy, loud, entitled to acceptance. Be content to be unnoticed. Otherwise all this hurt within, this darkness within will scream out to them and they will hunt you down, chase you down and dismember you.”

What you don’t know is……..

That Paradoxically you have the advantage over these oblivious and limited by the blight of a pseudo perfection, a “Blind Confidence”. One which strives against the affliction of the “Innate Void” man enters this earthly sphere with. Yes all this cheer, superiority stems from a inferiority. A innate flaw.

“The quest for perfection is born out of Imperfection” (Original Holy Spirit inspired quote (years ago). You will see it on a blog as a banner because I loaned it out to that individual upon her request; Imperfection is beauty. )

But fear

The fear that the innate Void will transpire, that its accusatory voice will hit home, be acknowledged by our psyche is why we launch out into this fictional existence with varied crusades, “Low self esteem/high self esteem” nonsense, sheer nonsense. Science versus the myth of the Bible, etc., etc., ad nauseam, ad infinitum……..

Man chased by the Innate Void must perform acts of contradiction. Complex universes of logic are in the works at present. Meow, meow, like cats upon the fence in the back yard disabling our rest, nighttime sleep insuring that we will not awake tomorrow alert and alive.

Thanks for visiting, this has been Walter Winchell reporting from the dead in need of life.

can be reached at turbans713@yahoo.com, and
https://kingrat1397@gmail.com, and at face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on


3 thoughts on “Put The Blinders On

    1. Braggart, upstart.
      She intimates that she is a righteous indignation type “lady”. That is her strategy in mentioning “earrings”. Ha….I’m a lady, look at me, look at me I got earrings, ha

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