Pick Up Thy Cross

This is a necessary telling, come and hear it please. This is a old post of good form. Take the time to read the paradox in it, containing resurrecting power, freely given by your Father in Heaven.


We misunderstand it to be a cross of hardship. One of; “Gee, I have it hard”.

Martha did so. She should have left the dishes and come and sit at Jesus’ feet, missed the love. She missed something better, for not understanding where the priorities should have been.

Back to the Cross, however….

Although the Cross does weigh, it is not the weight of it which matters, nor the carrying. Instead what matters is whether you use it!

Use it to die upon it.

Sounds harsh. But it is what makes all the difference. It is not our opinion which counts, but instead; His.

Not our assessments which prevail, but, His. You might intend sincerely to bring your talents, your gifts to His service, but; If He has not created the circumstances in your life for their death, burial, and resurrection their implementation will be a hollow one.

When you die…

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