Symptoma Voices (part two)

There’s part one, above.

What are we talking about? To put it simply; The evidence of Conflict in the lives of all human beings.

Evidence of disease, sickness in the human being. And this is the voice of innate disparity.

noun, plural disparities.

lack of similarity or equality; inequality; difference:
I would, as relating to our conversation add this, in referencing disparity (this one sided post; me talking, you visiting), “contradiction in terms”, us the human being. Not willing to acknowledge the universal flaw we possess, brokenness, the need for improvement. Yes the race is on hoisting banners of self esteem, brain washing, repetition, mantras, exercises in futility. Experts selling you what you want to hear. We flock to these conferences and treatments. These voices. Yes and they have invaded the blogging world.
The blind leading the blind. But back to the main point here….
The mind being aware, sentient, what a gift from God. We can lie to everyone, even lie to ourselves, and we and they might believe, but due to it being a lie, our processing of it because subconsciously knowing it to be a lie leads to consequences. For example the body is a resource for this, the truth of how this lie impacts us. Evidence is supplied of our innate disposition to reveal conflict through the body. Sickness evinces the innate opposing themes. What ever they be.
This way of assessing things for us, began with the Fall of man. Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil; A Duality.
Actually a curse. All that remained to us as independently from God, we resourced our curse to ascertain the worth of a option; Good and Evil.
Understanding Conflict……
As a Fallen Creation due to disobedience, finding ourselves lacking the original possession; True Life, His Life, the Life of God which availed us of the Consciousness of God, His direction, guidance, we were driven to compensate.
And so weighs and measures, assessments became our lot. Criticism. The gauges employed to pretend that we are in possession of something, a value which can find a way out of this darkness.
Yes out of this comes the cruelty we inflict upon one another.
Look at it from this perspective; “It is religion, the church, the belief in God which has brought about sickness, poor health, the guilty conscience Freud and Psychology talks about” Sound familiar????
Well this is a lie, but don’t run away, allow me a moment to show you.
First understand that there is the God Conscience and the Human Conscience.
1) The God Conscience is one which is governed by the possession of His Life. His Life is one of acceptance, of Love, of possession (inheritance, Familial, belonging and not exclusion), “God who upbraideth not”. He will not give you a stone if you ask for a fish.
This is seen in Salvation, the Cross of Calvary. The Priesthood of Christ, a daily confession of failings yet replete with forgiveness, not exclusion. A liberty we find in Christ, healing.
Understand that the human race born of Adam, yes demonstrates our descendancy. People born with frailties, disease, and only because the evidence is not to be occluded “We are a fallen creation” born of Adam. Lacking the Life of God.
2) The human Conscience is one of works, contrivances which credit us with judgement, assessments, our concept of good and bad. And it is out of this Conscience that lacking the Life of God, we encounter conflict and so disease, sickness, and the guilt beforehand which predicates this. You cannot draw blood from a stone.
And so with this conscience the bar is set much too high. And so conflict because we pretend a thing which we don’t possess. We aspire to be able to possess the answer to our affliction. No God is the only answer. Hypocrisy, and the truth outs.
Okay so, what of it? Huh?
To begin with; We only strive for greatness because we are haunted by disaster, catastrophe, by failure. 
As the Biblical account is true, and not a fairy tale, as so called scientist need to have you believe due to brokenness, lack of the Life of God within, insists negation. Refutation.
Facing the horror of the Void within, intuited (this is the power of the human conscience; living with the constant reminder, the Void, evidence of the afflicting absence of the Life of God) man must place a bid against the innate intuited Void, and that bid is a banner proclaiming; “I too can attain unto a great height”. 
There can be no true study of the human condition, mind without a Biblical foundation.
I have written about; Obscurity Seeker and Celebrity Seeker, the two kinds of people in the world. And contrary to what humanity taught us; They are both driven. 
Yes, one is driven to seek celebrity and the other is driven to seek obscurity.
I just went through my archives and could not find the post, but don’t worry I will try to revisit the subject soon (probably deleted them).
 Please return for part three of this topic. Thanks for your visit.

I can be reached at, and, and at face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Face Book.


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