It Is Not Good That The Man…..

Genesis 2:18King James Version (KJV)

18 And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.

What is so bad about being alone? Of course understand that this is applied to both sexes (M/F).

But why is it not good? And secondly; Is there a Spiritual empirical implication here? The answer is yes to both questions. But let’s see, ummmm???????

First off we take it to mean that companionship is the supreme post here in this piece of Scripture; Gen. 2:18. And we see the difficulty which came later on in the relationship. It is taught that the man fell due to his love for the woman (research this, go ahead). And yes I know you hate that (ummm?). Yes, Theologians find in the Biblical context that this is true. However this is only of consequence if we put it in the light of the following human frailty, brought out by this history; Blame.

Yes blame is a mere subterfuge, Satanic, disempowering the Spirit Life of God from filling the Void within us. Mind you the mind finds many distractions in life, semantics, etc..

The fact relative to the history of the Fall of man is that humankind was shown, demonstrated to be capable of perfidy, betrayal, disobedience, a non allegiance to God, fickle. And so the Permanence of the Life, True Life of God was needed for the obtaining of the place beside God which man required if he would not be fit for discard. 

Confirmed in Sin, in possession of the Sin Nature, as the Theologian states. 

This permanence (guaranteed drafting into the Family of God, inheritance) was brought to us by Jesus Christ, described as the 2nd Adam from above. And yes we struggle (realistically) between the two Natures; Adamic and the Life of God made accessible at the Cross of Calvary, with the offering of Christ. But provision was made for the child of God by the Death, burial and resurrection of Christ for dealing with this struggle (read your Bible, or speak to a Christian).

But you’re here to hear about “Being Alone”.

As you might be able to see, by the discussion, “Our being alone does not end with human companionship”.

It is not good that the man/woman be alone…….

A need will remain within the human heart. Sometimes we seek a corner in the house. Alone time. Because even in a crowd we might encounter loneliness. Can you not see that “Loneliness has been found to be a matter of the Soul”? An affliction of the Soul.

It is the Soul which stands to hurt, suffer from a constant loneliness. Such a one (loneliness) which will still be present even while in a relationship. Hear me out; Even this will sometimes play out as infidelity, a yearning unsatisfied, we find excuses for betrayal in that relationship we have come to use as a bulwark in the hopes that it will keep loneliness at bay.

To Frame this in a different light!

 I give you this axiom; The Voided State is ever present to cast doubt in the heart of man/woman.

And the Void innate, which we enter this sphere with, as a result of being children of Adam is it which is invoked by our loneliness. The sorrow we experience in loneliness is relative to God, and will always be. It is relative to our need, our loss in Adam. 


It is His Filling, His Life which we require to answer the hollowness within, the true origin of our Loneliness. God made the statement; “It is not good that….”

As a first tract, a pamphlet for man/woman, yes quizzical, I know, unfair?????

No, for what was demonstrated in man was the tendency to wander away from the program. God gave instructions (…..the Tree of the Knowledge…..), and man/woman through reason (excuses) ran off the reservation. And this next is important……

A universal affliction was demonstrated by God supplying a mate, the configuration of man/woman was revealed as a ordinate one. One of a circumstantial implication. Fickleness. 

You see; The Void was revealed, made known. IE Man’s nature was tested by the union. The Void was invoked by the union. 

Please understand that a man and a woman can be together, yes. And their union can be blessed, yes. But they both must work towards (and this with belief, faith) their individual Filling by the Life of God. 

I hope that you might see the implication of the “It is not good that….”. Alone.

And how essential the dispelling of “Loneliness” is. Through the correct pastime.

I know this post is kinda incomplete. But I will not turn this into a series. Sorry.

Just dig up some other posts/archives, etc..

Thanks for your visit, sincerely; MAO

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