The Dualitic Response

Mind you, this old post is pointing out that what we see as a unique response, one of individual and a creative intellect in rejecting God, the Bible, the Gospel is in fact born of “Dualities”, a programmed response of two options. Read the post and see why……


Let us hypothesize; Suppose that man harbored the aftermath of a terrific heinous primordial occurrence within, coming into this earthly sphere….


How would that affect him/her, you knowing something of how we might react to things?

Side bar; Have you ever read G.K. Chesterton? Well, I was rereading him a few months ago, for probably the 16th time. The Father Brown stories (I have read “The Man Who Was Thursday”, also, not his letters, however), and was blown away to discover for the first time in my years of reading this dude that, he does a great deal of talking in dualities in setting the background for the stories. Inadvertently, I was being schooled by God, laying  the ground work for the fortification of the school of thought I generally espouse in my writings. Subconsciously. Remarkable. I was blown away, hornswoggled completely.

Well, I just gave away the answer….

If we ventured into this…

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