What About Psychology?

I will state the problem with, and then explain why so.

The workers, practitioners of, though highly skilled, are being Enlisted by the Void Innate. 

Provided you stick around and hear me out you will understand my assertion, its substance.

The parade of “life”, even the “Stage” of life (Drama enacted, roles assumed for Identity Value, Persona sustainment.) is inhabited, peopled with Void Guises. Ambassadors of the Innate Void we, humankind enter this earthly plane with.

It is ironic that the average person does not hold in admiration the so called “Religious Fanatic”, yet they themselves fully espouse, follow a pattern given birth to by the Innate Void, a pattern demanding worship, a religiosity even. And this is a fellowship to be unquestioned, slept on, accepted, but if we only knew why we calmly accept this fellowship…….

The Fellowship of the Innate Void in humankind.

So, what this means is that there is such a thing as what the “Poet, Writer” labels “The Human Comedy”. IE we don’t know what the hey we is doing. Don’t know what “it” is all about. The mess, the big hullabaloo, the fuss, the big ado about nothing.

My sincere (?) apologies to all you (anal) grammatical sticklers (love you guys). I communicate (write) though early on abstained from perfectionist’s agenda, and why? I noticed that the perfectionist (in this case affected grammatical masters) among us sometimes hung by a thread (bordering on insanity) in desperately needing some order (and this behavior is Void Inspired), a well outlined universe of boundaries which perpetuated the semblance of “Control” (this practice assuaging the Innate god, the Void Innate), IE a little god.

The objective in this last paragraph above? To espouse that “repetition is a tool of the Teacher”, though I know it grates on the consciousness of some (the idolizers of Grammar). Put it down to preference and “character”. And yes to (on your part); “Tolerance” (or intolerance?).

But enuff o’ dat….

Back to topic.

What is it that I wish to say when I state that “The Psychologist is enlisted”. Simply that, because all of our pastimes, practices, portrayals, occupations are but perpetuated due to the presence of the Void within, therefore this concludes the “Purpose”, raison d’etre of the Psychologist as another bit player, another Enlisted Void puppet. This knowledge of his Enlistment by the Void, reduces his significance in aiding our deliverance from the human stew.

Okee rokee, so what am I saying (I know I get on your nerves)?????

If you come to me and don’t mention the Void in your assertion for helping the human being out of the morass of pain, fear, anxiety, heartbrokenness; then you are just as flubbed up as the multitude. You are a symptom of the Void. An extension of our Voided State. What then does this assert?

Several key items are asserted here;

  1. Humankind is Void Driven. This is why some step upon the necks of others, it is because we are a Voided Creation that we attempt to substitute the absented “Life” of God with what we accept as negotiable “value”, not true Value.
  2. The only Solution then is Regeneration and not Void Guises used to substitute the absented Life we are missing (God’s Life).
  3. The reason why we so fiercely are adverse to the Bible, Religion is because through the associative powers of the mind; The Void is invoked from within and…..
  4. The Void in humankind is that flaw which wraps us up in meaningless pursuits of value, identities we fight on the behalf of though the fire for sustaining such fragile bastions actually, in psychological terms define us as low functioning. 

So when all is said and done the True God is the answer for us.

As Sons of Adam as described in the Bible we are at risk. Waste material just like the salt which has lost its savor, good but for to be trod underfoot. Adam died Spiritually. He learned to come before God with a substitute; Able and his lamb accepted. Cain and his works rejected.

In our present state we needed a substitute, a representative, and so He came. He came and was obedient. It’s a lie, He never broke the law, He never sinned. Otherwise we would not have the escape from the Void within we so badly required.

His Spirit was poured out upon the world through the Cross of Calvary. Come ye and receive it through Faith, your part is to trust in Christ. It works.

Don’t try to heal me with Void occupations, enlistments of the Void to masquerade as value. Mr. fear puppeteer steer away from me.

It is that old old story which you relegate to mythology, which you need due to the Void inside you to discredit, fine, I get it. I get it! But no thanks, no thanks, I’d rather have Jesus, give me Christ.

What do you say………?

Hear’s a song for you dear….

Thanks for visiting. I know my language is crude at times but sincere and honest, undiluted, I’m imperfect and my God is not, I confess my lack. I need Christ, on a moment to moment basis.

I can be reached at turbans713@yahoo.com, and
https://kingrat1397@gmail.com, and at face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Face Book.


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