These Things…..

Things, yes things……

What are they, how shall they be described. Benchmarks? No, I don’t think so. As they were enacted, their value, worth was quite truly undiscerned. We just went through the motions. It does not mean or speak of insincerity, no. Children, yes children is what we were. Weaving a pattern upon the tapestry. Yet the tapestry remains. Full of holes, full of holes. Mistakes, callous and frivolous. Opportunities like dust upon the palm of our hands, whereupon we blew the breath we had, not the breath of Life which first our Father Adam had, but instead the remaining residue, a gasping breath, whimpering breath which collaborated with the discordant winds of this earth to aid that dust of “things” in recouping as it spiraled away as remembrances which echoed falsehoods. Misinforming falsehoods, misdirecting falsehoods. Citadels which were the equal of the assaults which attempted to assail and topple them.

A scale of deception employed to assess them (these things).

These things…..

Windows afforded my mind. I view these things. Shall I take them with me?

No, I don’t have the luxury of adding to my illusions, no.

These things; Things I have experienced, things I have done. People I have looked up to. People I have been jealous of. People I have despised. People I have had affection for, and for some a great affection indeed. An affection which would not be daunted by imperfections, preferences. And why were these ones accorded this luxury?

Answer; That I might not lose “value”, that I might not lose value indeed.

For it was circular, what goes around comes around. A closed circuit. A conduit of me. A conduit of me.

Just identity. Mere Identity. Not love, no not love. I’m a flawed imperfect human. My Father Adam gave me this. My flaw. The Filling of that which upon I cast my faith; Christ the Son of God doth seeks to empower me, make Wisdom accessible, but I still must communicate, acknowledge the contention of that carnal mind within as a direct descendant of Adam. It is through Faith that I Please God. Remain (abide) in me, Christ said. It is for this reason that I will put into perspective “These Things”.

Oh yes, they are lovely, by assessment, lovely occurrences. Lovely things to relate, to share. Fond, yes a fondness lies within my heart as I remember them, brought back to the mind’s eye. But truly, yes truly, absorbed during a painful dispensation. In the flesh it was that I underwent them, as inexperienced in true Value as I was. 

Before I depart or sooner than, I will place them in a suitcase. A suitcase fit for travel, yes. I will insure that the lock be faulty, faulty yes. I will then climb a high mountain, yes. I will count upon that same wind of fortune, that frivolous wind which gave these fond memories to me. Then with a careless flick of the wrist, the suitcase will come open. They (these things) will fall out, swirled about by the careless wind. Some will descend down to the waterfalls, some will descend upon the rocks, some will descend to the stream. My deed of relinquishment will be, suffice as faith, suffice as faith, that I will not hold on to such painful things. 

I will not clothe such childish experiences of temporal value with perpetuity. No. They must be discarded, just as sure as Satan intended my Soul for Discard, I leave these things behind. I discard them here before I venture to cross over. Before I venture to cross over.

Thank you Father for tolerating such pastimes, yet waiting for the day that I would turn to you. See all the true worth in You. Thank you for Spiritual Eyes, which see beyond the Temporal, which see Eternity. Yes, Eternity.

 I can be reached at, and, and at face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Face Book.


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