Message; Young Person…..

Be aware; You have come into a world where you are required to “Represent”.

Yes you will be judged by the eyes of the world, your community, your peers, social circle. You will soon discover that you have a response at your disposal which is not ingenious, not really original, which some might diminish by labeling  it as “Human”. This will be “The Converse”. No, not a pair of Converse Sneakers. But, opposite of what you are being spoon fed to adopt as a measure for Value. Don’t respond with annoyance, please. Annoyance is also unoriginal. And Listen, yes listen! Paradoxically the greatest asset you will have, possess will be the “Blank Slate”. No not the rebel, but the blank slate. Your Being, Your essence. Yes yours.

The ability to compute things without prejudice.

When the Mercenary receives instruction to eliminate a target, he might be instructed to do so; “With Extreme Prejudice”.

This implies that he despise, have at his disposal an extreme wish to annihilate this target, male or female, adult or child. Annihilate with extreme prejudice. This order initially poisons the mind of the instrument (Mercenary), actually places within the weapon a “imperfection”. Makes the individual into a “liability” in the carrying out of the instruction.

This is why you must not do anything out of retaliation, young person please. Don’t do anything out of annoyance. Allow for the Life of God to enter your being, to flourish there, and why? Yes Why?

Simply because the world, the whole world is like a time clock, wound at the beginning of time, wound up yet when incorrect, flawed and when it winds down it will wind down as damaged goods. Its state will be unchanged. 

It is for this reason that you are anxious.

Anxious because we are all flawed. Intuiting the innate, the innate flaw. But wait, we are not encouraged to think like this, that we are flawed. No, instead we are “conversely” told to think that we are special, that we are a diamond in the rough, and will one day like Cinderella find that Prince, like Aladdin find our destiny, a Prince of thieves, if we are to be a thief why not the Prince among them. 

Rule #1 (young person…..) We, humanity, by espousing, preaching that you must picture greatness for your self, imagine great things for your self, challenge you to climb the mountain are actually a stream, a branch of the river which proceeds from the Converse (opposite). 

What does this mean?

It means that we are flawed.

You as a “Blank Slate” can change this Innate Flaw. IE; instead of responding to it, instead of writing upon the Slate (you) what the world, which is innately flawed, tells you to, Can instead be the instrument Of God, your creator, He begins by giving you a new heart, through a New Life. But Stop, yes Stop right there, stop……

This is not religion as you have been taught to think of it like. No, this is Truth, Life. Consider, yes consider that If man is innately flawed then he must Discredit, yes discredit anything which wants to make this Indictment a reality, accepted as a Truth. This is why there are countless mimicries in existence……

Yes; Religions.

Geniuses like Bill Maher, and Jon Stewart are in the forefront of the media. They will have their compensation for their activities. And yes I wish better for them, and sometimes when men like this emerge at the other side of the spectrum, then like Paul, they will be haunted by their deeds. Cause for striving for God the more.

The Wrap up;

Wisdom comes from God. Real and True Life comes from God. You come into this existence as a blank slate, and thank God for that, because this means that you stand a chance to be rescued, delivered. But yes, listen to me…….

Events may have written upon your blank slate, your indoctrination may have been so severe that you are but a bundle of shattered nerves. And you have no idea for this state of affairs as to why you have this representation to place before the eyes of the world. Permit me a moment to tell you about that, please, please……

Because we come into this world Voided, yet weren’t created Voided, instead His (God’s) Life lived, presided in our Father Adam. But Adam forfeited that Life, through disobedience, and so we were left, by all apparent (not so) accounts to our own resources. Those resources man created. Gauges, weighs, measures which (hear me out) Invoke the Void within where once the Life of God did reside. 

What does the above mean, should mean to you?

Simply that whatever negative event occurred to you in childhood, made you, caused you to Intuit the Presence of the Void within you, which Void is but a signature, the earnest of appertainment (where we belong due to our state, Waste material). That experience is the cause for your “Anxiety”. So the Void and that catastrophic event can be your blessing, your heaven or your hell. And it is all up to you.

Your Choice, young person.

Need guidance, see the information below, or visit my posts. You can grow, yes you can flourish. Thanks for the visit, sincerely; MAO.

 I can be reached at, and, and at face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Face Book.


5 thoughts on “Message; Young Person…..

    1. You are so kind as I suspected at the beginning. I tried to put my heart in this, came somewhat short but I put that down to the nonspiritual grounding aspect, I live with it. All Glory belongs to God. I am humbled by your appraisal. Thanks

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