Another Introduction

Who Am I?

If I told you my story, birth place, experiences, dreams, disasters, oppositions, conquests, the impressions I have made among those who crossed my path, even the intimidation I produced in people, Truth is you still would know diddly squat about me. In fact you would know as much as could be discerned by kicking, throwing a piece of clay around a room, or have it subjected to the outside elements then inspected by a forensics unit.

What does this say? It says that you could be a Sherlock Holmes in observing, tabulating, assessing facts, and still accomplish nothing but parlor tricks. Oh yes, true, entertain, raise emotion, admiration within the breast of some soul, yet still be devoid of Eternal Value, something you can take into the other side. 

The “Stage of life”;

Fame, notoriety, will flood the annals of our history as recorded for the reader, for the temporal mind, the confines of the “Stage of life”, but will not, I repeat, will not bring the goods beyond the veil, beyond the earthly “pale”.


Should I place within the palms of your hands a taste, a description of me, the content I place within your hands is as a mere will o’ the wisp. Elusive, oh yes, it might inspire admiration, affection but it is as a last gasp, deception, a lie, a unenduring tribute, tribute but paid to whom, to what?

A tribute paid to a fiction, a illusion, the perception, ideology of the human psyche, the mere concepts of the mind.

The Human mind creates its own “Reality”. 

Preferences abound to disqualify us as assessors though ironically we set out to assess. I for one believe in the Biblical Fall of man. And why? Because it is in that context and through paradox where I truly come into my “Own”. I find self when faced with the Biblical context of the fall.

In fact I am consoled by that affirmation of human origin than by any other I have ever encountered. Yes, I know, you say that this too is a matter of “preference”, that I’ve been brainwashed.


On the contrary.

My Father had dreams for me. And like every halfway decent Pop supplied me with great speeches. Attempted to instill me with guilt. A sense of obligation.

That was a big part of my indoctrination.


Ding ding ding ding ding ding (and ding…..)

There lay within me a series of alarms. Something primordial which I ignored it seemed like forever. Building collapsing and rebuilding sincere attempts to attain that dream my father had for me to no avail. A safeguard had been implanted within me. A safeguard which concluded “All these things as naught, empty, disavowed of the ‘True Value'”. I could not go against the grain.

I could not comply with a humankind which due to a innate flaw is driven to build a monument to self. 

You might assess this as vessel unto Honor of the Scriptures, or……..

You might conclude that I don’t have what it takes to succeed in the eyes of the world. Unfit even…….



Luke 14:28 For which of you, intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish it?

We busy ourselves within the confines of this man created bubble, oblivious to the one Psychological flaw in this pastime. And that is………
We are restricted by the tribute the Void within each and everyone of us demands: Illusion
Insufficient funds. We substitute for eternity; Fame, acceptation, praise, recognition, success in the eyes of the dead, the desolate just like us. We trample the populace who wish to trample us. Occupied, we process the opinions of others (who are dead just like us) relative to us as validation. 
Before you go, allow me to introduce myself……..
I am needy, destitute, nothing without Him, without His Love, without His Incarnation, without His Life brought down to me in the Person of His Son; Jesus Christ Almighty.
I give you one more thing; A song.

I can be reached at, and, and at face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Face Book.



  1. This is so true. Good point. Did you know that our brains cannot tell the difference between engaging in certain activities and imagining the same? That is why certain experiences are more enhanced by the development of certain neural pathways which link the experience to certain emotions.

    I honestly have no idea what I’m saying. 🙂 I kinda know! But it was shocking for me to find out that I could imagine something and it would have the same effect on me as if it had really happened.

    I liked this post.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Too much for one day, Justme, lol. I kid of course. You do have a way of exiting a comment. That was nuts how you gave voice to the scientific fact. And thanks so much for reading and liking it. What will you come up with next. No, before you misunderstand; I know you refer to some truthful fact. What are you some kind of genius????? (lol) again.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Hey, I forgot to say a very important thing……
      Yours is a very remarkable comment, contribution to this post. I find this upon rereading it as today another brought the post to my attention. I apologize for overlooking your comment, undervaluing the wisdom behind the observation. You see, I am ridiculous at times. And as you pointed out so astutely the other day the written word lacks much in communicating values, and of course the “writer” can take some of the blame for this also (disorganized thoughts). Thanks again for visiting. You see I should not discount your visits.


      • Thank you, glad to hear this, and I know that there was a time when I would look for you blog and told to see if you would permit me to access it. I tended to give you the credit of the doubt; IE had a good reason for that protection (I don’t need to know why that was done).

        Liked by 1 person

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