Battling Authority

Here is another old post. One which deals with the early missions we are sent out upon in life as a result of challenging circumstances. The problem addressed is the interesting one of assuming our reaction to be that of a path, chosen for us as a destined one, original and thus culminating in our conclusion as identity (me/I). I hope you like it.


It was a cry of the sixties.

There have been some who equated this with battling religion (at least from the perspective of a personal viewpoint), the Church, and Christians.

And the last two also, when raged against, were drawn from personal experiences. Many, so affected, predisposed against religion, came out from the influence passed on by “incorrect practitioners” of the Biblical themes.

It is not uncommon due to the law of dualities, that a child, having been kept under the thumb of a incorrect worship, should grow up to despise the mention, or representations of “religion”. So such a offspring will, mistaking a retaliation, for a individualistic “genius’ spark”, will typically grow up to assail all semblances of any “religion”, or for that matter; Authority.

Value, is all we, in lacking it, sought after, often to our detriment. Including the destruction of our Souls.

Impressions made upon us, lasting…

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