Achieving Greatness

Do you aspire to be a great person?

I have to warn you…..

It isn’t what we take it to be. It isn’t what we understand it to be. but once you get it, once you achieve it…….

It will be recognizable and you will know you have found it. You will know fulfillment in you mind and heart.

I admit quite puzzlingly, that though you will have the certainty that you have found it, as to feeling it, yes that aspect will occur but for momentary spaces at a time.

Emotions are not to be trusted as they are connected to our Dichotomy.

But you will through faith possess the assurance that it, greatness abides within you (when it arrives). 

We can think of greatness as expansiveness. The ability to encompass. To encompass all, everything. Nature, for example, though we don’t know this, is presently a product of a great struggle. Yes there was a loss. Evil won. Sorry for those of you who enjoy its beauty (I’m not saying that you can’t enjoy its beauty, but what I am saying is that it must be put into perspective.). But I caution you, because though we can come up with poetic analogies, inspiring as they might, they inspire a substitute “spirit” which also grew out of the Fall, the great loss I spoke about a moment ago. Listen, this now is important, what I say…..


Yes mania. A gloomy day affects you; Mania. A sunny day affects you; Mania. 

Well guess what? Once you have put this admiring of nature into perspective you will find that you are but beginning to open the door to true greatness.

Highs and lows. Imprisoned within a Duality. The Duality of being a Dichotomy. A two part being, a Soul/Body individual. Restricted from obtaining greatness. Mania, being, acting manic, experiencing manic depression is but a corner of the limiting cubicle afforded from being a Dichotomatic being. A Soul/Body individual. You want more than that!!!!!!!

Enjoying a high in a Duality leaves us subject to the low in that spectrum. This is what I have been cautioning against. This is a paradox, and all “Great” stances are arrived at through the Paradox. Wisdom. 

The Spirit and the spirit. 

The first you see above is the Life of God as breathed into the first man, Adam. The second was created of necessity from the Soul and the Body of man after the Fall of Adam our Father. So it is that we function within Dualities. And so the “spirit” is grounded, unlike the “Spirit”. 

The fact that we possess the “spirit” but tells the role of our Mortality. We live and we die.

IE As Soul/Body beings having forfeited the Life of God in Adam, we have this problem, dilemma entrapped in this predicament; Let’s say we have a need, one which the body with the five senses feels, then it is up to the mind to furnish a means to obtain this need. Through honest or unscrupulous means. And so early in history negotiable substances were born. Barter and thievery entered the scope of things. But it got even worse…..

Rationalization was born between these two (The Soul and the Body), “morals”, ethics, and values were born. Our experience in Adam led to all this. The Duality of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Man became the “little judges”, the assessor. The assessorship of man.

Every thing else branched out of this. Criticism. Preferences. The man of “science” has his innate voided state invoked when approached with the mention of God. In fact the Voided State in man is his source for “Drive”, a substitute for the Life of God. Man achieving temporal recognizable deeds, which will not go into eternity with him.

What does this tell you? This speaks of that all the logic that man espouses of is merely done, and purveyed in order to Silence His State of Voidedness. IE to Silence the Void within. So then…..

Man pursues a greatness fashioned by the “life”, the temporal life of the Void innate. That greatness always arrives with dissatisfaction, a sense of emptiness. Because we were meant for eternity. Here are two quizzical laws for you; 1) Void Value equals zero value, and 2) The Void always has the last Laugh.

We can experience true Greatness with the inherited Life of God. Wow, I cannot describe to you what that is like!!!!!!!!!!!! His Life within you, inspiring you. Giving you a wonderful, remarkable sense of Purpose. Increasing your faith. All that you will need. But here’s a song for you…….

I can be reached at, and, and at face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Face Book.


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