Blogger of the Week #8

Here is the actual interview on bhaatdaal’s blog. Mistakenly I made a post of it when I should have just reblogged her post.


I have the pleasure to introduce one of my fellow blogger Miguel Angel Oquendo from USA, Huachua City, Airzona . He has remarkable insight into a Biblical Psychology and he also happens to be my first follower. His guidance in my early days of blogging on improving my writing skills is immense. Even today, he is always there to guide and advice. He is my friend, philosopher and guide. Let us know him better by reading the answers to the following questions put forth before him :

Q1. Tell us about your work.What do you do ?
Well, how to address this, seeing as I’m unemployed, retired. I will answer this in relation to my blog for that appears to be my “work”.

“The workman is worthy of his hire.” The Bible tells me. I work for the Lord, as you can see, I am a Christian, but I urge you…

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