I Never Wanted

Yes, here is a piece of the past. Old post. My crazy life. Struggles. Fight. I hope you might find a piece of resistance here which somewhat mirrors your own doubts.


Never wanted to buy into all the protocols of this life. I wanted from my heart to break all the formalities. I never wished to do so, blatantly, but instead quietly, smoothly, and not undercover, but out in the open.

I felt it was my responsibility to do so.

I have undergone a great deal of disapproval and rebuke.

Quite often, I had been told, “A man doesn’t do that”, so I wanted to do that….

My anxiety, conversely was the more invoked by such measure, such rulers, gauges which profusely sought to pursue and assess my worth.

I never asked for that battle but I was there front and center to fight it.

I diminished my anxiety by whirling about, and going at it with a growling perseverance, a eagerness to answer the call.

There are those who willingly, and spanking clean, brand new attire step forth and challenge the likes…

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