Fear Of; Failure/Success Pt.3

Below are the links to parts One and Two. I strongly suggest that you begin with them in order to benefit from this discourse. Why? Because the building of an acceptance of the healing elements, in this case “Words” which will serve to deconstruct inherent powers which have already connected with “Circumstances” which served to indoctrinate us to the point where we are “Subject” to pedestrian walkways, forces of darkness constructed by the Fall of man which of necessity make “Believing” the element, the most crucial element for fueling and breaking the shackles of the system innate which power our Fears.

There you have it above; A unintended Henry Jamesian type of a sentence which strives to impress upon you the reason why your Faith is the key here. Making the reading of Parts one and two essential for the strong structuring of this school of thought which the Good Lord has placed within my Soul in rest. Yes in rest, because I’m not allowed to understand it all, what it wishes to teach me. So there are the links (below the last entry).

Try to understand that there is a fundamental difference between Faith and Positive Thinking. No don’t dismiss this thought, don’t relegate it to “Semantics” as (pardon but…) I have witnessed some clowns do.



And now unto part three:

Our entry into part three will begin with a thought; Deconstructing of the hindering Ordinates which rule over our patterns. 

In this Earthly Plane we are subject to elements set into play due to the Adamic Fall. One of these elements we have often discussed (peruse my posts) is the Innate Void we all possess. Some of us are tempted at this point to think along the lines of; “Well if this is about “religion” leave me out, see ya wouldn’t want to be ya.”

This investigation, this study is not about religion but instead about truth, reality, the state of things as they have befallen us. For example take a person caught up in a “Vicious Cycle”, a pattern that goes on for years and years, Gerbil in the wheel of misfortune.

One who wants success for example, but is required to remove a whole kit and caboodle of monkeys and demons on one’s back before one can even start to achieve success. But there is a cautionary tale here before I mislead you. The best way I can phrase the thought of that tale is to say…….

Success is not what we think it is, in fact all those things we see success, imagine success to be are mere Void Guises, projections upon the screen of collective acceptation, delusions supplied us from the Void within, distractions which alluringly keep us dancing to fear puppeteer. Yes the things we accept as success are but decoys supplied by our brokenness, by the Void (though starvingly, making us hungry for success as it provokes us) within. Temporary pastimes, occupations. Concepts offered upon the Altar of our Void allotment. For you see……

We worship unknowingly a god of whom we know little of. In fact it is the very presence of this god, this god of the Void within which has created all of our weighs and measures.

Easily the Void has aided us into seeing God as the host of a compendium of silly and childish, whimsical practices fit for the ones who could never make it in the “real” world. And so “religion” is discredited even with the concept ; IE the word Religion itself.

This is the way that things must go. Yes this is the Ordinate predicated by the Fall of man. The Void in man. Man’s condition. And so man worships what ever his imagination creates. But there is a God we are incapable of creating for He created us instead.

This is why there are many religions. And yes including many which are not dissimilar from the practice of the sports figure who carries a rabbit’s foot in his pocket when competing. In fact this is not only superstition but also positive thinking as opposed to Faith. I know this sounds like semantics but even the concept of semantics is but another of the rabbit holes devised by the creative mind of man to credit man with genius, pride, and Identity Value. It is another Void Guise. Permit me to give you a small illustration…..

The creation of the concept of semantics was born out of whimsy. That is non pragmatic since it is whimsy; IE Man enjoying fabrications, gauges he has devised to credit self, enhance self, yet illusions, figments of the imagination not unlike a madman thinking himself to be King. We are left high and dry in the end. Wishful thinking. Delusional.

Empty. Yet not unlike the Void as void means empty, like a voided check. So is mankind. And so the warning; Beware of distractions which only the Life, the Spirit of God can discern, identify. You see unlike the Void fueling us, God is True Value, His Life is true Value. What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world (even…) but lose his own soul.

Please return for part four.  Thanks for the visit. I promise more development and clarification.

I can be reached at turbans713@yahoo.com, and
https://kingrat1397@gmail.com, and at face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Face Book.


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