Fear Of; Failure/Success (part four)

Thank you for returning to part four of this very important series. Important to the human Psyche. More succinctly, the human mind. The minder, the “I” ever present assessor. Calculator.

Here are the links below, which will help you collate the premises I set forth freely, beforehand.





Now unto part four…….

I said in part one that we all possess this; Fear of Failure/Success. Of course they appear to be two different maladies, yes, IE; a) The fear of failure and b) The fear of success, but…….

However the cruciality here is that (and mind you, this is an ordinate in existence) Because they are counterparts, opposites they stem from a singularity. They have a theme in common.

Mind you this is why Psychology has determined them both to be one and the same. Obviously this is why cognitive association alighting upon either one inevitably elicits the other.

Okay, true, I might have left some of my readers behind, at this point.

Think of the human property of “Association”, a factor which we all possess which helps us to process things (events, experiences) and turn them into ideas, thoughts, conclusions. The connection made between things we have recorded with our mind due to the five senses, yes the thought processes relative to those things perceived is boosted by “association”. The human office monitor, the collator.

So the FOF and the FOS stemming from one singularity and being the two faces, IE the Duality stemming from something singular become less substantial, less valuable than the singularity from which they emerge. And this is all very mysterious still, isn’t it?

So at this point let me ask you a question to which you possess the answer……..

But I shall pose it in the framework of a scenario.

Here’s the scene; A individual fears failure, okay, let’s us say that this is so, well then (and this is a bit befuddling) he is working on a project (for the sake of our presentation and) to the point in time where the project is approaching completion. Here comes the stress, the trigger……

This project has the remarkable potential to elevate its manager, its creator to a status previously denied, withheld this entity. Pressure, pressure…..

Recognition will be his/hers, plaudits, etc…

“There’s a signpost up ahead, your next stop….”

The Failure zone, because through the process of association the fear of failure is elicited by the looming potential for Success as the project draws finalizing.

We’ve seen this in literature as the canvas used to draw such a scenario, in film, in plays, in poetry as a cry, forlorn. Doom, the voice of doom, the bell tolling. Self derailment, self destruction, the Vicious Cycle. 

But here’s a bone for God (don’t mean this in any form of sacrilegiousness), and why? Because, I for one have been able to coalesce these thoughts, these concepts due alone to the presence of the Life of God within me. And why?

Because at the tender age of 25 I trusted in Christ as my Lord and Saviour. And trust me that was but the beginning. Meaning what? That I went through hell following that. Years of it. That was His method of resurrecting His Life by killing my life (a piddly small “l” for life when contrasted against the larger “L” for His Life.)

Granted the last two paragraphs seem a digression (perhaps not, in a Spiritual criteria), but……

Friend the most important thing on your behalf is that this one caricature sketched by us is caught in a trap, yes, see the circle, the current running through the wire to the singularity  whereas we are governed by the Dualities which due to the fact that they are broken off from a Singularity clothe us mere mortals with the crowning futility, a gasp even, and why?

It is the Void in Man, the Void in Humanity which is the Author of our predicament. The Author of our vexation. 

You see…..

Failure, Success, what is the difference? Nothing, yes none. Because they (failure, success) are both Void Guises. Creations of our fractured Psyches.

I have told you before about “Kipling’s Triumph and Disaster, the two impostors”(poem “If”, read it).

Yes I have kept you in suspense as to the Singularity…….

The Singularity, my friends is the Void. But no it is not that simple. It is the Void as it works with our Soul, our Psyche, it creates Dualities. And why? In order to provide us with the illusion, the lie, that we possess Value. You see when in Adam we forfeited the Life of God we became Void, yes a Void Creation, flawed.

The sum of what you have just read above is but what I have done with my Christianity. What can you do with yours? Though it might be awaiting you…….

I have given you too much for one post.

Thank you for reading, please return for part five.

I can be reached at turbans713@yahoo.com, and
https://kingrat1397@gmail.com, and at face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Face Book.



  1. the proper way of things is to sail so gracefully to that sunset… such is the proper way of fairy tales proving in that instant they are just that…fairy tales. love has an opposite in indifference not hate. the road to disaster is wide and broad yet the one to redemption is but a foot path. all this fun conjured in but a few words. 🙂 thanks.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hi, I lost that response you posted on (part 7?) the last pt in the series. Somehow on my phone, it got deleted. If able please copy paste your comment and relay it to me again that I might reply. Thanks


    • Thanks for the kind things you said about my coverage of the fear of success. I really am grateful for your insights. As I began to type within the box, due to the system’s previous input from my phone (writing this on my chromebook) it yanked it away. Find but at least I got to read in full. Your response was very thorough providing further insights. No need to do it again, I read it and thanks for providing it again. I don’t know how the ten-year thing came about, perhaps an error on my part, so here is an amendment; I worked as a Principal to a Christian School for one year. I worked as an assistant to the Principal of a Christian School for 2 years. Now bear in mind they were not Christian Colleges but both were Elementary and High School Christian Schools combined. Sorry if I gave you the wrong impression as to the cumulated time and they were not what we call Colleges here in America. But I do know that some other countries address such institutions as Universities of learning and so it becomes easy to describe one as a college. In my birth country that is the accepted way of describing them, as a University, or college.
      Thanks very much for your inspiring the coverage idea for part seven.

      Liked by 1 person

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