Fear Of; Failure/Success (part five)

Welcome back. Welcome to the new arrivals to this series. Below are the links to the previous ones. This fear can be eliminated and it starts from the heart as you will see. This series builds up a framework needed within the human mind, and with little effort as it is accomplished through contact alone. Your faith will be elicited from the power source central to your Psyche.





I had trouble locating the link to part four above, but then succeeded, but note the link does not specify pt four at the end, however it works.


Part Five Begins…..

We have previously attempted to point out the common knowledge by the Analyst relative  to the FOF/FOS (fear of failure/fear of success). By that we mean that one is dragged into the use by “association” instinct to elicit the other. IE “If you fear failure, you will fear success.” One will trigger the other.

The Vicious Cycle of the one for whom success is always kept out of reach, the one who begins to self derail when almost there, at the verge of success. The hoop has got this person surrounded, obstructed. I have within my writings a school of thought which asserts that their are two kinds of people in the world.

Celebrity Seeker, and Obscurity Seeker (in my Archives).

The latter cannot endure praise, is discomfited by it, and avoids success. I purport (Archives) that each one is dominant their tag and subdominant the opposite tag. IE to say that the Obscurity Seeker secretly dreams of success. Likewise the Celebrity Seeker secretly dreams of derailment, failure; In fact it is in this that we get a glimpse of the Dual ruling fuel within both. The presence of a Duality. 

I pointed out in part four of this series that the Void works with Dualities. Creates Dualities. Actually we might say that clinically; “It is the presence of the Void Innate which impacts our Psyche into the need for working, functioning with Dualites as a precaution implemented in its system of “Values”. This aforesaid mechanism described has the distinct purpose of silencing the presence of the Void within, but paradoxically and ironically it is that our wanting to deny it, make it the more involved in our accepted “realitites”, norms. The Void within is accorded more might, influence.

Bear with me, for I shall simplify this. Promise, pinkie promise.

Rather than acknowledge the presence of the Void Innate, our Psyche working out of the impression the Void Elicits is forced to create “A system of Values to Counter Balance the absence of the one True system of Values extant.”

The aforesaid breaks the news that Man/Humankind is in possession of “The Unsound Mind”, and this is due to the accepted “Myth” of the Biblical Fall. IE that we conclude the Biblical Fall of Man to be a myth. Yet, this conclusion is promulgated by the very presence of the product of that Fall, that “myth”.  

It is the Void within Mankind which doth fuel mankind. …..drives Mankind to all of its exploits.

We as a creation are under a cloud. A dark cloud. Yet there is hope. Yes.

The truth is that our Psyche has inherited the Trauma of the Fall, the Biblical Fall. Our Psyche is functioning as a output of the affecting Void, Absence of the real Life. God’s Life is dreadfully needed.

Mankind is delusional. The Analysts are caught within the web of this delusion. Enlisted to give credence to the enormous fabrications of the delusional mind.

Karen Horney said; “No matter how Psychoanalysis tries, we can never attain to the first Anxiety.” in her book titled: “Self Analysis”. Dear Reader, the First Anxiety is the Biblical Fall Of Man.

Lastly in this chapter I will leave you with; The Systems of Values we have established, have been put into place but to Silence the Presence of the Void. All the Negative occurrences we experience force us to come in contact with the Void Innate. Yes were it not for the presence of the Void Innate the external negative occurrences would not in the least register emotion out of us. 

Even the most Low Affect individuals register emotions when faced with Traumatic events, shock, horror, withdrawal, all these and more are elicited from these who, of low affect, don’t respond to anything else in our “reality” Construct. 

For what we know as life, as our “value” systems, as reality is a huge fraud, and all perpetrated out of our Voided State within. 

Call it Philosophy, my submissions, as you wish, according to your preferences which serve to credit you with the firmness, stability which perpetuates your system of values, oye, oye, the honorable Judge presiding……

This in fact is what the Void has made of us; The little gods. A man has got to learn his limitations…….

This is, when seeing with clarity these truths I have, and will continue to share with you, that one is afforded the first contact with the state of things.

Will you remedy the absence of the Life of God within. The Reality of the Gospel can be ascertained, oh yes. Our feeble constructs, all Void predicated, and worse, in the end demonstrate our incapacity, our infirmities, our predisposition.

Listen; “The Void always has the last laugh, and all Void Value always equals; Zero Value.”

But thanks for reading and please return as we further explore the FOF and The FOS.

Return for part six. The purpose of this series is to allow you deliverance, the reason needed to get pass the morass and take back what is inherently yours, that little light within your soul;

John 1:9

That (Christ) was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.”

I can be reached at turbans713@yahoo.com, and
https://kingrat1397@gmail.com, and at face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Face Book.


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