Nothing Left To Lose

Here is part one of an old post from last year this time. Keep in mind that the writer evolves (moi) with time. Hope you get something from it. Tomorrow I will post part two.


We been taught by example, by popularity, by life, to want the best for us and our loved ones. And so we might set out to obtain those things. At times we find that the best we can do is keep our heads above the water. Heads above the water.
Some, however, yes, manage better, by hook or crook. But success always has a price tag. You always lose something. You always pay something. There’s a saying; “Butterflies are free”. We seem not to be free. In the world of Noir it is proposed that forces of a “malignant nature are out to get us”. Which means that we are targets. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Noir.
Noir films have a great following. And yes, there are folk who don’t understand the whytofor of such a great following. The reason for this is that some are geared…

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