To Illumine Our Dark Corner

Here is another oldie and mayhaps a goodie. From Oct 2015.


Significance; A loaded word.

Yes loaded, though we remain clueless that it is loaded.

Clueless because of what we are afraid of; The truth.

We can’t handle the truth. Much, we would rather twist the truth. Forge our own version of the truth. Customize the truth.

We live Significance rather than live life. We begin by deceiving ourselves as to who we are. Yes this is Significance at work. To light our corner by ourselves. In seeking this practice we actually cover, occlude the only real light there is which might illumine our corner.

Significance is a double edged sword. It is loaded with fear. This capacity of Significance is what suffices to drive us. Fear of insignificance. Another duality. Because we fear insignificance is why we seek significance.

Why is it (here’s another duality at work) that (mark my word) when we fear a thing coming to pass, in fearing its…

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