Anxiety And Intuition

Be gentle with this one, old reblog. From the vaults, 2015 (Oct). I was a little shy then. Try to enjoy it.


Simplicity, it is that we avoid.

We have a propensity to make a simple thing into a web of complexity.


Because this madhouse we call humanity has weaved a humongous maze of confusion. We are all fueled by this. Challenged by it. The world with all its devices of promise and allurement, glory, throws down the gauntlet in defiance to our youth. Bringing about great madness. Poor kids, they don’t stand a chance, because winning and losing are but two sides of the same coin. And they don’t get it.

Our children have it tough in this existence. Tough because we have woven a great ball of confusion and pain for them to come enter the arena, and immediately compete in. It is one great joust emceed by Criticism and Perfection.

Can you imagine, remember from your own experience, how paralyzing this can be for a youth.

The poor…

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