God Concept

Here’s for you, once again an old post from Oct. 2015. It is a nice short post, yet packing meaning and direction. Thanks, and hope you like it.


Our understanding of God…

Someone who will take up all our causes.

Our Talisman.

The above (talisman) generally is accompanied by a charm. A medallion we might wear about our neck. It could be a sculpture we carry with us, perhaps fits our pocket. The Talisman and our God become fused together. We think of them as one. The Talisman solidifies our belief in the god of the Talisman. Interchangable.

If our God is always for us, then the opposing party (ies) are the bad guys. This however implies that we are special, and “god” discriminates in our favor. This implies that we forge our god. Therefore it is a small “g” god.

Dressing God up with our preferences, disqualifies him as God, but qualifies Him as a god (small “g”). Therefore this god becomes a Superstition.

The best way to think of superstion is to see it as hedging…

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  1. Hi Miguel. We noticed your visit the other day and were excited to look in on you. We like your introduction. In exploring your site there exudes a sincerity about you and your walk with the Lord. There is kind of a Saul to Paul presence in your coming to faith. God is amazing and when we stop putting Him in a box we are learning a deeper understanding of Him and His love for us. We look forward to following along with you and seeing the world through your words.

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    • Thank you. By far the most generous comment I have received in a while. Greatly appreciated friend(s? Noting the “We”.). The praise and the Glory go to God. Such a crispness, precision to the way you express your thoughts. I can’t help but to note. I too, though flooded by so much, responsibilities will revisit you. Thanks again, looking forward to our talks and impressions.

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      • You have a wonderful story our new found brother. Isn’t it incredible the changes He makes in us and then through us. Would you have EVER thought when you were hanging the streets in your role as a gang leader that you would be used by the big gang leader GOD, lol

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      • What you say is so true. The heart I harbored then, only but hungered and by that instinct I trod along with the youth of that period in time. There was a portion of me that had a basic reverence indoctrinated by Maternal hopes. There was another part of me which railed against infirmities I attributed to God. It was that which prompted me to want to excel in the eyes of my peers to replete a nothing with a legend. But yes when I go back to those days, I want to cry. In turn yes it makes me want to cry for all the youth of our day. I have to stop here. Thanks for your lovely word.

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  2. Thank you for your visit and like my intro post. I’m glad you liked it. I came over and read your entire introduction, Miguel. I thought, “Is he trying to scare me away? What different view of Christianity he has? Does he want me to click ‘like’ without comment? Should I be cautious of what to comment? I kept asking these questions as I went from one post to another. No, I haven’t read your series. Have a meeting in half an hour. You have a unique experience! I follow to read more of your posts. Need to get ready to go!

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