Fear Of; Failure/Success (part six)

Thanks to those who have followed the series from the beginning. Thanks to the ones who’s curiosity has been sparked and come to this series for the first time. If you are diligent I guarantee for you a very thought provoking experience here. Below you will find the links to the series (all parts).






On to pt six;

You will note that the FOF/FOS (fear of failure/fear of success) is a Duality, equipped with counterparts of a sort (counterparts vary).

We have covered that we all possess the Innate Void within, that proof of its presence can be found in all of the accumulate human pastimes, preoccupations. I’ve told the following story in the past, worth repeating; I have a Son In Law whom I love dearly today, and he himself has changed towards me thanks to the Grace of God. But this was not so in the beginning. He was very abusive to my Daughter Fantasia.

One day in attempting to open the way for communicating I was talking to him about Value Identification; “John, everything we do in life is either to accumulate or to identify with value, absolutely everything with no exceptions.”

“Listen….” I continued “to conversations, on the bus, at the grocery store, at a family gathering, standing in a queue, on the street…”

Example I gave; “Oh I bought mine at……and it only cost me…..” “A mere and everyday practice in mundane conversation which procures Identification with Value.” I was attempting to point out to John that as we breathe we require to identify with value.

The quest for Significance led by the primordial Void.

To fully appreciate what took place next in the conversation you need to know that my daughter did not respect John. Me, however, she worshiped the ground I walked upon. And as it was I who invoked within John a flood of anxiety, my very presence invoked for him all his insecurity due to my daughter’s opinion of me versus her opinion of him. And so going back now to what I said to him about everything we “do in life…identify with value.” his response was; “Not me.”

IE to say that in order to diminish the anxiety I provoked in him, my fronting as an authority conveying to him a morsel of knowledge, he chose to disagree, and this with prejudice.

I said to myself; “Thank you for proving my point by wanting (needing) to be the exception.”

I did not share this conclusion above with him til years later.

And that (his answer) he did in order to diminish the anxiety provoked by my presence supplemented with the lack of credibility he rated in my daughter’s estimate.

So, why did I bring this up at this point?

First) Our Voided state being intuited naturally Dualistically compels us to Identify with and Accumulate Value In order to belie its presence within. Evidence of the Biblical Fall.

Second) This depicts clearly a Duality under which we function, are sanctioned in the procuring of ideals which serve but to front Value Identities. An attempt prompted by our knowledge of the Void Innate (intuited) as it forges “realities” within our Psyche that will assuage the impending doom, as is due waste material, Voided beings. Suitable for discard.

IE; “The Quest for Perfection is born out of Imperfection.” (my quote).

what then does this have to do with the FOF/FOS?


The Void in us is the cavity remaining to us after the Life, the Spirit of God could not abide in our Father Adam due to his discounting the rule of God initially in Primordial time. Adam used his intellect, employing reason, “pragmatism” so called, for it is not true pragmatism, as it is colored by our deficiency in “Preference” (resuming…), used reason to excuse self from obeying God’s simple edict. 


The Void houses a trauma impressed within the Psyche of the first man and woman at the expulsion. We in inheriting the Void inherit that Trauma. Adam and Eve faced the Unknown exiting the Garden of Eden, and banished from the presence of God. And yes, Fear of the Unknown stems from that precise incident. The Void is the house of anxiety. Negative occurrences would have no analytical import were it not for the Void within. But now to get back on track…..

Without the Life of God, His Spirit, we are left alone to our own devices stemming from the Void within. So how does the Void attempt to substitute the forfeited Life of God?

The Void does this through Dualities. Yes, positive and negatives. But because these things proceed out of the Voided State, a place of Death, a place of Chaos; They cancel one another out. Fizzle out.

So the FOF and the FOS, are but Void Guises, resorts, options serving to distract us from the need we have within, our need for redemption, regeneration. If these things, appear to be our problem, things manufactured by our psyche then they have done their job. Filled our hands like the Temple Priests offering up the continual sacrifices. IE Before the Cross. “It is finished” Christ said upon the Cross.

And so the FOF and the FOS are composed of the properties where they have no option but to Represent; IE betray their true origins. They Proceed from the Void. If it walks like a duck……

What I have done so far is merely extrapolated from the Things preached by the Christian on the street corners, in the pulpit in Churches, what the Bible itself says. 

But yes, this is a school of thought which the good Lord has taught me, He has incorporated my insane life as it befits His Love, His Grace bestowed upon me. Yes even in breaking me; He has Loved me. And you reap the benefit and not just I alone. 

Thank you for being here, please return for part seven of this series on the FOF/FOS.

I can be reached at turbans713@yahoo.com, and
https://kingrat1397@gmail.com, and at face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Face Book.


One thought on “Fear Of; Failure/Success (part six)

  1. I’m triggered reading this to ask where intuition fits within this. or psychic connection…that shared to the instant devoid of other explainations sharing between us and spirit or other people. take for instant that hunch something’s wrong with a friend yet you otherwise have no information to come to this conclusion past a feeling. why the leap? a whispered voice is fos fof to some but, to some of us its a conversation. wholly feeling whatevers in play in our lives. cuckoo? perhaps. no, I have nice voices don’t you worry. but I ask in a way as I have walked into many a room knowing in an instant that vibe of fos/fof some might say i would word as this is/is not my room positive negative/neutral leaning. it has an instant effect on my communications if any. this doesn’t mean i have no ability to stand up to no thanks not interesteds, I can I have had occassion in an earlier life to spread my then beliefs about . yet there are times i’m fearless and ill prepared and fully prepared and nervous anyways…that vibe is important yet is it a voice or is it my own within that described duality?


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