Diminishing Anxiety

From December 2015
An old post recycled from the vaults.
It (I noted) throws around some terms which require a bit of thought (not much), but inspiring. Hope you enjoy it.


Our responses to Anxiety, which ostentatiously make us appear adept.

Yes that take charge portion of our being comes into play to diminish Anxiety. On the outside, making us appear, remarkably suitable, and skilled. Yet the pattern becomes addictive. It does have its rewards.

Praise, acknowledgement, recognition by our circle. And so, like every character trait which gets positive reviews, it (response, action) gets to become a part of our repertoire.

The I. The extant individual we acknowledge as “self”. We look in the mirror and “love” just floods out from self unto the image we see. Pride; Surely I am recognized for this….

Guilty; been there, done that.

Methinks, “este planeta” (this planet; Spanish) would be a different place, and with different agendas if we all understood this.

But, more importantly; wat is I tocking bout?

The past. The child. The child we once were.

Criticism employed to prepare us for life…

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